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Wild Tamer Hacks - Quick Guide How To Get Diamonds


The game Wild Tamer is simple yet a very challenging game, where you have to hunt down by the animals and tame them. It is a two-dimensional role-playing game where you need to play the character of a man. The main storyline starts from a leading character named Druid, who inhabits in a cave. However, there are many other locations in the game, but you first need to complete challenges to unlock the new arenas. Well, it is not the only thing that you will require in the game, but also you will need to collect the diamonds and the coins. But as always there is an option to use the Wild Tamer cheats to have access to an ample amount of gems and the coins.


 The game takes the players back to the time of Old Stone Age. The player requires exploring the complete map to catch the animals and hunt them down. You will see several animals such as the elites, boss, unique and the hidden ones on the map at the top right corner of the game. 

If you are not able to find new animals, then you can look for the dark points on the map, where you can find the animals and can catch them.

Do you remember about seeing the magic wells in the cartoon stories? There is also a supernatural well in the game where the Druid can replenish his health by watching a promotional advertisement video.


Moving on to the currencies, then there are two main central funds in the game: coins, and the gems (diamonds) that you will find in the game while playing. If you in this type of game where the funds can be utilized, then adding to your knowledge, these in-world currencies are required in the game to upgrade the items in the game. So, let’s discuss the necessary information about the gems and the coins:

Coins: The coins can be used to upgrade the pieces of equipment in the game. Here, upgrading the stuff with coins provides you additional benefit that is the animals in the game also get an upgrade along with the equipment. But all it depends on the weapon you use to hunt the animals.

Diamonds: Diamond is the premium currency in the game, which is required to upgrade the kinds of weapon and the equipment. These can also be utilized in purchasing unique artifacts and increasing the limits of taming. These are also not that tough to obtain in the game. You’ll find the certain mines which are packed with the diamonds, so don’t forget to mine them to have the pleasant feeling of getting the loot of 10 gems entirely free. However, if you want instant access to the diamonds then use the Wild Tamer hack and get free gems in abundance.


However, the storyline of the game is straightforward, but still, there are times when you get tucked at a point, at these times, the tips come handy in overcoming the hurdle, so here I’m providing few tips that might be helpful to you in the game.


Whenever the health of Druid gets low, don’t delay to go to the magic well and recover the health as soon as possible.

Avoid attacking the animals in group

In the game it is suggested work on hunting the small group of animals, thereby playing the game safe.

Treasure hunting in the caves

Look for the caves in the map, go there and hunt the animals there. This way you’ll get a large amount of gold. Once you get the rewards, you can wait for a few hours and then again get the rewards. However, sometimes waiting kills a lot, so you can either use the money or the Wild Tamer cheats to get a generous amount of funds.


Now being acquainted with the information about the game, now you might be ready to look for the animals and taming them down. So, hasten up and travel back to ancient times.