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About The Game

If you are also among the ones, who are in love with the golf then here something good for you. The co-founders of the WGT media has developed a fantastic game named WGT Golf for you where you can have the realistic experience of playing golf online. WGT Golf is one of the most realistic golf games on the internet that people can enjoy. It provides the feature of playing the game in the single player mode as well as in a multiplayer mode. Now you don’t need to play the gold with the artificial intelligence of the computer, but you can play golf with real opponents from all across the globe.

This virtual golf game can be played on the Android and iOS platforms. The game is created entirely with amazing 3-D photorealistic technology. There are some credits that you need to collect in the game, but in case you run out of the credits then you don’t need to worry, you always got the back of the WGT golf hack. By using it, you can replenish your account with a generous amount of currency in the game.


There are few experience points, credits, and coins in the game that the players need to maintain in the game to raise the level in the game.

Tiers and levels

There are a number of tiers in the game that reflects the skills of a person in golf-playing. These levels are Hack, pro, master, Amateur, league, legend, and much more. There are some tournaments that all players can take part in.

The increment to each next level will depend on the performance of the player in the current tier. And one more thing once you increased your level you can retrieve back to the lower level. To increase your level in the game, some experience points need to be collected in the game.

Approaching the next level is necessary because some excellent golf pieces of equipment can only be purchased once you reach a certain level. These superb golf pieces of equipment are very beneficial to aim the perfect goals in the game. However, if you are unable to get on a particular level and thus are not able to purchase the equipment, then you can use the WGT Golf cheats and get access to the advances pieces of equipment completely free.


There are however several courses in the game that are already so enjoyed by the players, and has captivated the hearts of several golf lovers all over the world. Therefore, now the WGT media has decided that they will be going to launch a few more new courses as well. They have already published the appetizers of their new courses. These courses will be launched in 2020.


If you are a novice in the game then here are the three most essential tips that you need to follow,

  • Each player has two sets of clubs in the inventory. First is for beginners, in which the speed meter is extremely slow, and the player can easily aim the ball in the game over short distances. The second set is for the little more advanced players.
  • Use a punch shot to hit the ball if you get in 30-40% rough off your drive. However, there are different types of shots that you can use in the game as per your requirements.
  • Last but not least is learning to use the flop shot? These are almost the same as the punch shots, but you need a little bit practice until you become a pro at aiming your shots correctly.

These tips are the prime things that a player needs to consider in the game. However, now that you have acquainted with plentiful of information about the game including the WGT Golf hack, you can easily ace up the game.