War Robots Hack

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War Robots Hack and Weapons Introduction


Weapons in War Robots are classified into three classes – light, medium and heavy. These weapons vary in terms of range i.e. from close range to long range. In this game, the larger the weapon you have, the greater will be the damage caused to the enemies. Moreover, the longer the range of the weapon, the lesser will be the damage. That said; let’s have a look at some of the weapons available in the game. Just keep in mind that with War Robots Hack having any of these weapons is not a problem!

Few Light Weapons:


You can get this weapon on your first Destrier. It is a triple homing missile launcher but it does not cause splash damage effect. In the beginning, the damage caused by the weapon is good enough. Later when it is upgraded and used with other Spirals, it causes a lot of damage on the opponent. It is a mid-range weapon and the most cost effective one too. It requires around 12 seconds to reload but has the capacity to fire all three missiles in a second. The cost of the Spiral is 20,000 Silver.


It has the longest range of any light weapon. As it is a powerful and unique weapon, you will need Gold to purchase it. The Gekko is best to be used as a long range assault weapon. As you keep upgrading the weapon, it will change its color. For instance, at Level 5 it is green in color and at Level 6 it is yellow in color. Numerous upgrades make the weapon a highly powerful one. The level required for purchasing the weapon is 5 and its cost is 750 Gold.


It is a light and short-ranged energy weapon. You can purchase it from the game shop. It is one of the most popular light weapons as it provides excellent damage, rate of fire, and high accuracy. Moreover, it does not take time to reload as it has the feature to fire continuously 2 Bolts per second. In the game, it is the only weapon that does not have a reload time.


It is a light missile that has a maximum range of 300m. As it is a rapid fire missile launcher, it can cause huge damage over a short period of time. It is the only weapon in the game that has the ability to penetrate the Ecu Shield and damage several robots partially behind cover. The cost of purchasing the Pinata is 290,000 Silver and you should reach Level 7 or higher in the game for acquiring it.

Some Medium Weapons:


It is a medium missile that has lot of ammunition, splash area, high fire rate and average range. It can be purchased with Gold and is considered to be one of the best weapons in the game. Some amazing features of the Orkan are to cause heavy damage in a short span of time and reload while firing. It is best to use the weapon in very short range as the rockets are more likely to hit there.


 It is a medium missile that has a longer reload time of 18 seconds. As it is a mid range weapon, its best to be used with other similar ranged missiles. The Tulumbas has the capability to cause Splash damage to enemies behind cover.


It is a medium energy weapon that has the ability to fire 8 bursts of 4 bolts. So, in each burst, you can fire 4 plasma bolts within a second. Moreover, after the 8th burst, the Taran has to be reloaded. It is an ideal weapon for causing lot of damage at close range speedily as it can be reloaded fast. Furthermore, it can also be helpful in killing enemies at middle range because its level of accuracy is very high.


The Hydra is a homing missile, so it requires a lock-on before firing. Similar to the Spiral Weapon, the Hydra does not have a splash damage effect. It can fire one missile at a time within one second and has a 12 second reload time. It's easy to get this weapon with War Robots Cheats

Some Heavy Weapons:


It is a heavy gun and its single shell can travel in a straight line right up to the target. It is important to use this weapon only when the target is exactly in front of the gun. It is the first heavy weapon that is provided to the players in the game. The reload speed of the Nashorn is 9 seconds and it is a mid-range weapon. Targets that are below the range of 600m can be easily shot with the help of this powerful weapon.


Ancile is a heavy shield that can protect you from all weapons in the battlefield; except for the beam and plasma weapons. You can purchase the Shield for 1,500 Gold. The weapon has the capability to create an energy field around the player. Thus, it can protect the player as well as other allies who are within the field.


It is a massive shotgun that can be best used for close range combat. As it has a large hit area, it is advisable to use the Thunder against heavy robots. Although the maximum range of the weapon is 500m, due to the spread of its bullets, its optimal range is only 200m. Once you upgrade the weapon, its damage area will increase to 300m. Its ability to reload while firing makes it possible for the player to cause heavy damage in a short span of time.


You will require 1,500 Gold for purchasing the powerful Zeus. It is a heavy weapon that has the ability to strike without warning and cause damage up to 600m. It sends a bolt of energy that looks like a thick and white lightning bolt. Once the Zeus has been upgraded to its highest level, it can cause around 14,000 damages per shot. Moreover, the reload time and discharge time is very less, so you can fire the Zeus roughly 10 times every single minute.

Other than the aforesaid weapons, there are numerous more powerful arms that can be acquired in the game. So, procure these weapons and enjoy the War Robots Hack and the game!