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Dragons Titan Uprising Hack - Learn How To Get Runes

The Dragons Titan Uprising is the third installation in the series because the people really enjoyed the first two series. Therefore, Ludia lnc. created the third part which is having amazing high definition graphics. The Dragons Titan Uprising is a puzzle game where you need to match and blast the gems in the grid. Not only this will you also be able to train your dragons in the game.

One of the most amazing features of the game is that you can make the hybrids by cross-breeding the DNA's of different dragons to create a more powerful dragon. You can then make your dragon fight with the opponent's dragon in a battle.

Apart from that, there is much more to explore in the game, so why we are wasting time here let's have a look at the in-world currencies of the game, and then we'll have a quick glance at the tips.


Talking about the currencies then there are five central funds in the game that are energy, food, eggs, gold coins, scales, last but not least the premium currency of the game that is Runes. These are very crucial to collect them to raise your level in the game. These dragon in-world currencies of the game are not very easy to maintain in the game it's not that you will keep on collecting them,  it is very tricky although. To speed up your progress in the game you can either spend money or can opt for the Dragons Titan Uprising cheats. Let's discuss these by one.

Gold coins: these are required to purchase certain things in the game. A player can catch hold of these coins by participating in time-limited events, campaigns, quests, and treasures.

Scales: moving on to the scales, these are required to train the dragons. Furthermore, the dragons can only hatch with the help of the scales alone. There are schedules in the game for acquiring these. These can be obtained through the event quests in which different color for dragon scales are rewarded.

Eggs: The eggs can also be obtained while playing the game, same as you earn the gold coins.

Food: The main meal in the game is fish. The fishes are required to feed the dragons so that they can thrive the battles and become strong. One can obtain the food from completing the quests, participating in the battle campaigns, events and from the fisheries.  For purchasing the food, you require the coins that if someone doesn't want to earn by spending so much time, then they can opt for the Dragons Titan Uprising hack to have access to unlimited gold coins and energy in the game.

Runes: The runes are the premium currency of the game which you need to spend very wisely in the game as you can't level up yourself in the game without having access to these. They can either be gained by completing the duties in the game and through the battle campaigns or by spending real money on purchasing them.


Now that we have clutched up a handful of information about the currencies let's jump on to some tips that can help you in playing the game better.

Choosing your dragons before the battle

When you are building your team for a fight against someone, the first thing you should do is to have a good knowledge of the dragons you have as your opponents beforehand.  Then choose your dragons accordingly. You may, for sure not want to end up selecting a dragon that is weaker than the opponent ones.

Role of making matches in battle

To do most of the damages to your opponent, try to make matches right underneath the opponent's dragon. Make T- or L- shaped match to produce a bomb; it will damage all the squares around the match.

Training your dragons

Whenever a new dragon is added to your collection, feed them with fishes which will incarnate them with powers. This way, you can strengthen them and prepare them for the ultimate battles.

These are some of the tips that come very handy in the game during the battles, so don't skip to follow these tips. Now that you are almost acquainted with a bundle of information about the game show your strengths and strategies in the game.