Toon Blast Hack - Getting Coins Is Now Easy With These Cheats

If you have been playing candy crush for a long time, then you definitely will be a lover of puzzle games. Well, peak games are up with another super amazing puzzle game in the gaming world. The game about which I am talking is Toon blast. The Dynamics of the game are pretty much similar do the other puzzle games but with a little twist.

The game is having its unique challenges, which make it different from the other puzzle games.

You can create strong Combos and clear the levels with their help. There are many other elements as well that you should know before landing up in the game so here we have put together some of the features of the game so that you can better understand the whole scenario and clear more levels. But before that, I would suggest you make the use of Toon blast cheats and obtain a generous amount of coins to make the game a little bit easier, especially if you are a novice.


Initially, in the game, you will be given a total of 5 lives. As soon as you keep on beating the level, you won't lose any life. However, if you lose to clear the level, then you will lose hold of one live out of 5. But you don't need to bother as here we will tell you some of the tips that you can use to generate more lives.

  • The very first way is to join a team which can be done after you have completed 19 levels of the game.
  • In the team, you can select the option of asking live and then other members will give you lies after a few hours. It is a pretty good way of earning live when you run out of them.
  • Next, we have the coins which can be used to purchase the lives. To refill your lives completely, the game will take up 100 coins from you. Thereby keep on collecting coins as a backup.
  • Last but not least is the obvious one that is to wait a little while for the lives to refill automatically. The game provides you with one live after 20 minutes.


As mentioned above that you will require collecting coins in the game if you want to obtain your lost lives. Coins can be either collected in the game or can be purchased with real-life currency or generated with Toon Blast Hacks. There I have summed up some of the ways that you can use to earn coins.

After every ten levels, you will earn a Toon chest which you can open to obtain a certain number of coins.

  • You can give one life to your teammates in the team, and you will get one coin for each live you give.
  • Apart from that if you are unable to collect coins through any of the above-mentioned methods, then you can opt for Toon blast hack.


The combos should be your real priority at every level. These combos can help you in clearing the levels much faster than you think. To make the combo, you need to match more than five similar cubes altogether. There are three types of different combos that you can generate in the game. These are:

  • The rocket which is a five cube combo.
  • Next is the bomb for which you will require six similar cubes.
  • Disco ball which is the most powerful combo in the game and it requires matching nine similar colored cubes.

There is one tip that you can follow is to match the combos with each other this will create an even more powerful effect, and you will be able to clear the level in a fraction of minutes. So make your every move carefully and Beat the obstacles at every level, by trying out our Toon Blast Cheats.