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My Talking Angela Hack - Learn How To Get Diamonds


If you have ever played the series like talking tom, then you will become familiar with the new game My Talking Angela as well.  The game is a fun and fantastic game in itself and also perfect for the kids. It’ll keep your kids busy in the game for sure. The game is amazingly developed by its creator, keeping in mind the fact to involve all the elements that make a game alluring to the users.

The game runs very smoothly on the devices having the Android, iOS, windows, and Amazon platforms. The gameplay is fundamental where you own a pet named Angela, and you need to take care of all her needs to provide her a better life.

But to fulfill all her requirements, you will require the money in the game. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the flow of cash in the game. However, there is always an option to use the My Talking Angela cheats to get the coins in an adequate amount.



As mentioned above that you will require the funds to buy the necessary pieces of stuff in the game. The currency that you need here to buy the stuff is the coins. Now the point here is that from you will get access to these. Therefore, adding to your knowledge let me tell you that you will earn these coins slowly while performing the various tasks in the game such as making the Angela do her brushing, bathing and the other kinds of stuff. Apart from that, you can earn the games by playing some mini-games or by watching the promotional advertisements in the game. The more time you will spend in this, the more coins you will get. However, instead of racking the brains in the video, it is much better to opt for the My Talking Angela hack to gain an unlimited number of coins.


Utilization of the coins

You can use these coins to buy the best accessories for Angela so that she remains top-notched every time.

You can utilize the coins to purchase the furniture of the game to raise your level in the game.



Now that we have grabbed sufficient information about the currencies of the game let’s have an overview of the tasks you can perform in the game My Talking Angela.

  • Taking care of Angela

Here you need to take proper care of your kitten. In the starting levels of the gamey, Angela is very delicate as it has just born; therefore, you will need to feed her with the baby bottles or the sippers.

You will have to handle everything related to her in the game, like brushing her two times in the game. Make her well-groomed by bathing her daily. All these tasks will let you earn the level points and the coins as well.

Here, the best thing is that Angela can express her feeling through facial expressions.

Boosts when Angela sleeps for hours more than she usually does, thereby you get a bonus during the meantime.

  • Decorating the house

In the game, make sure to collect enough coins to furnish her home with comfortable furniture so that Angela can live a relaxed and comfy life in the house. Conversely, if you don’t have enough amount of the gold coins then you can opt for the My Talking Angela cheats and can get access to a  munificent amount of coins in the game, with which you can purchase the right things for her.

  • Keep the memories alive

If you want to raise your level faster in the game, then you need to take proper care of Angela. Take her pictures with the camera and place them in a frame on the walls to decorate the house. Try to make her home beautiful with the top-notch decorations available in the game.


By following these tips, you can keep Angela happy and comfortable. So, if you have kids in your house, then make them play the game to have fun.