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Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Cheats - Learn How To Get Diamonds

Are you also a fan of anime series? Here the GREE, lnc. has come with this fantastic game, Sword Art Online Memory Defrag based on the anime series based on the Sword Art Online. The platform of the game allows you to play with your favorite anime characters of the mentioned series, such as Asuna, Leafa, Manga, and much more.

The game represents the characters of the anime story but with a different story and that’s why it has become one of the most popular anime games there. It is entirely a role-playing game where you can take the role of the renowned heroes and explore the element of the virtual world. Master in your weapon skills and fight against the monsters. Meanwhile, don’t forget about the funds of the game, gather them as much as you can in the game, if your strategy isn’t working then use the Sword Art Online Memory Defrag hack and get back to the track by grabbing a generous amount of funds in the game.


Here the center of attention of the game is on the four prime funds that are the memory diamonds, the col, the medallions and the Stardust.

Col: It is a primary currency that can be obtained through the quests, events, and by selling your pieces of equipment in the game.  You can use these to upgrade and evolve the pieces of equipment in the game.

Medallions: There are a few different types of medallions in the game; one of them is the holy medallions. These can be only obtained through the Event Boss Drops. The holy emblems are required to unlock the skills of the various characters in the game. However, you can make the use of Sword Art Online Memory Defrag cheats and can grab a generous amount of these medallions in the game.

Stardust: The Stardust can be exchanged for the medallions in the game.

Memory Diamond:  It is the premium currency in the game that you can get these at the end of the missions.


Below I have mentioned some of the essential tasks in the game to master early on. By keeping in mind these tips, you will surely be able to be a legend in the game.

  • Weapons preference for particular enemies

In the game, four different characters have different abilities and weapons. There are various weapons in the game that works as ink in pen to write the death note of some particular enemies. Below I have reiterated the weapons and their efficiency against the specific enemies.

-Slicing weapons are effective against the fragile and weak enemies such as the slimes and the insects.

-For huge enemies like the skeletons and the elements, it is better to use blunt weapons.

-Now, last but not the least for the enemies having a protective shield of carapace over them, it is better to use the piercing weapons, which will kill the enemies like the Lizardmen and the kobolds.

Claiming your gifts

Don’t forget to claim the rewards you get in the game, because it is indispensable to claim them to catch hold of the credits and the funds. Let me explain this through an example. Say that you get few memory diamonds after completing the missions, don’t mistake with the fact that they will add up to your inventory. Instead, you require claiming them from the gift box in the menu. If you don’t claim the credits, then they will expire after a few periods.

Also if bad luck endorses and you missed your chance to get the diamonds, then the last option is to use the Sword Art Online Memory Defrag hack and get access to an ample amount of diamonds in the game. But learn to manage the funds as well in the game; it will help you in the long run.

Last but not least; I want to conclude that every aspect of the storyline is crucial to maintain your progress till the last. Therefore, unleash the mysteries of the fantastic Japanese anime series and have the thrilling experience of fighting the monster.