The Sims FreePlay Hack and Game Review

The Sims FreePlay is yet another amazing game from the Sims franchise. Though the game is similar to the previous entries in the series, the unique goals and missions make it an engrossing one. Managing each Sim of your city and enabling them to grow is the highlight of the game. So, are you ready to interact and take care of your Sims as well as your city?


Simoleons are the main in-game currency that is used for purchasing furniture, cars, shops, houses, etc. and to upgrade the existing ones. You can earn Simoleons by completing a level successfully, signing to the game each day, watching ads, gardening, collecting rent from your Sims, and cooking, among others. Another way to acquire Simoleons is by purchasing them from the game store with real world money. However, if you want to acquire Simoleons instantly and without spending a penny then you should make use of tools like The Sims FreePlay Hack.

Lifestyle Points:

If you want to buy special and premium items from the game store then you will require Lifestyle Points. You can earn Lifestyle Points by completing hobbies, missions, and reaching new levels of the game. However, the amount earned is very less so you will have to either spend dollars to purchase it or make use of ‘The Sims FreePlay Cheats’. With Lifestyle Points, you can purchase special buildings, cupcakes for your Sims, and enhance the speed of completing tasks, among others.

Social Points:

Social Points are another vital in-game currency that can be used for purchasing some special items like Onion Caramel Bed, Retro TV, Showers, Windows, etc. Basically, all those products that have prices mentioned in purple color can be bought with Social Points. You can earn them by completing Social Goals successfully, using hacking tools, or by spending real money.


Gardening will help in earning bonuses; thus, making you progress quickly in the game. Each Sim of your city can acquire a garden for their home and use it to grow vegetables. This will let them earn XP and Simoleons; thereby making them reach new levels swiftly. Ensure that you purchase the seeds to grow vegetables from the grocery store as they are available at a cheaper price. Moreover, gardening is a great way to earn some extra points while you sleep! So, don’t forget to put all your Sims to work in the garden before you go to sleep in the night.

Building Your City:

You need to be extra careful while building your city and construct all vital structures so that your Sims live happily. Some of the important buildings that you should construct are business centers so that your Sims can get jobs easily. A few job opportunities that are available in the game are Actor, Teacher, Artist, Athlete, Scientist, Politician, etc. You can consider selecting a different career for each of your Sims and as they gain experience in their field, they will reach higher levels. All this will ensure that you generate plenty of in-game currencies.

Overall, The Sims FreePlay game is an entertaining one as you will enjoy spending time with your Sims, interacting with them, making them grow in their respective career fields, encouraging them to get married, etc. The game and The Sims FreePlay Hack will give you immense satisfaction as you watch your Sims growing each day! So, go for it!