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Among the number of role-playing games that have been launched on the gaming platform, a fantastic role-playing game that let you explore the high school days back has been launched named Royale High. The camllmehbob developed the game in April 2017. Till now, it has earned a lot of popularity amongst the gamers

The set up of the game is all placed in a high school to explore the wild fantasies and crazy things being in a high school. In the game, there are credits that you need to collect and manage. If you fail to manage the funds, then you will not be able to progress further in the game. But there is no need to fret as you always have the option of using the Royale High cheats. The cheats will grant you a generous amount of funds in your credit wallet.


Roblox is the top best platform where you can create and play thousands of games based on different genres. Royale High is a school roleplay game on Roblox, which has been created by Callmehbob. Millions of gamers are crazy to play this game in order to flavor up their game experiences. Here, players just need to accomplish several tasks and perform different activities to earn points. With the help of getting more points, they can level up faster and get a better position in the game.

Every time players level up; they will be rewarded with 300 diamonds, which they can use to make the desired purchases from the game store. It is possible for players to earn diamonds of different colors in many ways, and you need to check them out.

Get an A+ in every class

While attending classes and doing other jobs as a student, you need to be smart. You should give your best shot in every class to get an A+ in order to earn extra points. Here are some simple tricks that help players to get A+ in every class-

  • Art class – while attending the art class, players can see the paintings on the screen, which they need to complete as soon as possible. It will help them to get an A+, and then they can get out of the class quickly, and then they can get diamonds.
  • English class – if you are going to attend the English class then you should keep books in your hands. After this, they should try to answer all the questions. The answers should be right in order to get an A+ in this class.
  • Swimming class – during the swimming class, you should try to avoid falling. By doing this, you can save up your points and get good grades. You should also sit on the bench in order to prevent the accidental falling.

After reading all these tips, you need to pay appropriate attention to them in order to perform better. Getting an A+ in every class will help players to get more points, and it will easily increase their progress speed.

Importance of diamonds

It is crucial for players to learn the importance of diamonds, which can be earned by leveling up in the hack. You will be provided with a good number of diamonds at the initial stages, and then you can earn more. Try to collect extra diamonds and then spend them smartly to avoid numerous problems.

Know the gameplay

The game features many student characters as well as customizations, which are making the game interesting. To start playing the game, you need to login to the Roblox platform, and then you are able to chat with your friends and get advantages of other features. It is possible for players to add different types of outfits for the characters. The significance of passes shouldn’t be ignored by players because these are used for various purposes.

To get passes, you need to spend robux, which is known as the virtual currency of the Roblox platform. You can buy this currency with your real-life money or with cheats, and then you can make use of it to buy passes as well as other in-game currencies, including diamonds.

Strategies to level up faster

Leveling up in the game is not as easy as you think, so it is important for players to make a good plan. Players should try to be quick while performing different activities in order to earn more points. Earning higher points will automatically help them to level-up quickly. Players should always attend all the classes on time. Attending every class will help them to earn points that are helpful to improve their progress speed. if you want to be quick while performing activities, then it is important to take some smart steps.

It would be best if you kept your books with yourself at the start to save up your time. Players should also pay attention to the task of homework completion. With the help of accomplishing this task on time, players are able to get one full star.

Tips for collecting diamonds

Diamonds are considered as an important virtual currency that players need to earn by paying appropriate attention to several tips. Without having enough diamonds, you can’t meet your requirements and complete several tasks.  Some crucial tips that you should follow to earn diamonds are listed below-

  • When players choose to skip breakfast, then they are able to save up some diamonds which they can use for other purposes. You shouldn’t spend diamonds on unnecessary things because it may create troubles in the future.
  • You can see many diamonds near the windows, and you need to collect them quickly to add funds to your account. Customize the settings, and then you can easily fly and collect the diamonds to load your game account.
  • Players can fly after the class as long as they want in order to collect diamonds. They should also try to hold on diamonds instead of spending them on unnecessary things. It is also a good trick that anybody can use to gain extra diamonds.

After implementing all these tips, beginners can easily collect a good number of diamonds that they can use to make in-game purchases.

The final words

Royale High is an amazing game that allows players to get new experiences by living the fantasy world of school. Playing the role of a student will make your game experience interesting. You can also see many other student characters and well as the customization features. Players should sign up for the Roblox platform in order to play this game and to chat with other friends.