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Rise Of Kingdoms Hack

Lilith Games offered its new mobile title a couple of months back for iOS and Android platforms. Their new strategy game called Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is a lot more focused on farming resources, upgrading troops, battling against opponents, and more. All these things make you one of the advanced gamers.

For the first time, gamers of Rising of Kingdoms, it is typical to focus on all the necessary factors. Due to the lack of food, wood, and gems, it might be hard to progress. In such cases, looking after some of the essential factors can come in handy to make you progress at a faster rate. The below mentioned are some of the advantageous tips which will come in handy.

Apart from it, you can look after the use of Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade hack for unlimited food, gems, and wood with ease. Food and Wood are the basic resources that you can earn easily. The gem is an important currency in this game, and you can’t earn it easily. So, the hack will come in handy. Let’s learn about some of the important tips –

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade, a strategy game with enormous content and impressive gameplay. The entire gameplay is based on developing an ultimate kingdom and attacking the kingdoms of others. All players need to do is to train the troops, collecting resources, upgrading buildings, and choosing the right civilization. Make the right use of in-game resources to upgrade buildings. It is also important to make all the other improvements to gain the desired success in the game.

Resources can be stolen by attacking other kingdoms, or you can also collect them by completing various tasks. Train your troops regularly to take the benefits during the battles. Recruit more troops to protect your kingdom from attacks of enemies.

Have a high level of buildings

The main goal of the players is to build an ultimate kingdom for which they must have a high level of buildings. It is important for players to upgrade these buildings from time to time. The different types of buildings are available that you need to build in your kingdom. Well, the city hall is the main building that provides new army commanders. Also, build a farm to produce the required food for your kingdom.

With the help of food, you can make your army strong and get many other amazing benefits. Build the storehouse to store food that you produce. Focus on building other buildings like alliance center and academy to get plentiful benefits.

Make the right use of gems

Gems have great importance, and that’s why players should always use them smartly while playing the game. They shouldn’t waste the gems on unnecessary things because saving gems can help them later. Try to save gems for the advanced stages in order to get support. Use these gems to upgrade the buildings in an emergency. Never try to waste gems because you can’t acquire them in an easy manner. Try to complete the missions that offer gems as rewards. Complete all the missions one by one and start collecting gems to improve your progress by using Rise Of Kingdoms Hack 2020

Make your kingdom powerful

To face the enemy attacks, players need to build a powerful kingdom. Make sure the army and building levels are suitable for the level of your city hall. Try to keep upgrading all the buildings in your kingdom to make it powerful. Never forget to attack the buildings of others because it helps to get more food, gold, and other resources. With the right use of these resources, players can make the right upgrades in no time. It is also important to upgrade the troops and army along with the buildings in your kingdom. Upgrade the commanders and get help from them to protect your kingdom.

Complete missions – A ton of missions are out there in which players can take part to accomplish them. These missions are classified into several groups – daily missions, regular campaign missions, and special objectives. With the help of these missions, players will be rewarded with great prizes and also boost up their progress speed. Just enjoy the rewards because the missions will be completed automatically while playing the game.

Train your troops – Troops can be sent to the battlefield with commanders. It is important for players to train troops to enhance their skills. Train your troops regularly to win battles. With the help of logging in the game, you can collect trained troops to start a new batch. Try to recruit new troops in order to start the heavy battles. In addition to this, it may also help to defend against incoming attacks.

Explore with scouts – Some players forget about scouts while playing the game. It may also fall them into a troublesome situation. Well, scouts play an important role because earlier, they help in revealing the entire map. Put your scouts to work in order to get maximum rewards. It is also helpful for increasing the rewards offered by different missions as well as events.

Implementing all these tips and tricks can help beginners to reach the advanced stages in no time. You can also make the best possible use of these tips to get assistance in making progress faster.

Make all the upgrades smartly

Many buildings take more time than usual to finish upgrades, but you can speed up the process in many ways. Avoid using gems because you can improve the upgrading speed of these items with the help of different speed up items as well as alliance aid. Upgrade all the buildings to its max and then take your steps further for making improvements to the city hall.

Barracks, Stable, Archery Range and Siege Workshop

For an effective progression, it is necessary that all the workshops stay active. Lots of gamers don’t know the importance of Barracks and stable. Well, if you keep them active and busy with any work, then it became easy to enhance your village and keep on upgrading it. All these workshops are playing the most important role, and you can consider these.

Worrying about the lack of wood and food for the workshop? Well, don’t worry because you can look after the alternative options like Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade hack. This is totally an effective and highly reliable option which can fulfill all your need, and you can get plenty of advantages with ease. Make sure that you stay selective to avoid the trouble.

Loots and Quests

Loot is important because it gives you the highest production, and it saves your time also. With the help of loot, you can earn a better amount, and you can keep on preparing the army for loots. This will help you earn the extra amount, that’s why you can consider it. When you are focusing on loot for the first time, you should know that how to earn a pretty amount.

Even, you need a strategy to progress well. The next thing you can look after is quests. There are so many things that you can find during the research. From upgrading your troops to keep on getting better with time, you need to look after all the important aspects. This thing can make you eradicate most of the issues and progress at an effective rate for sure.

Scouting Opponent

Attacking on opponents should be more strategic, effective, and a lot more accurate for greater damage at the initial stage. Defensive troops help you hold lots of enemies, and the best thing you can do in such cases is scouting opponents. This is an effective and reliable choice to look after. When you are observing, there are three things to notice in advance.

Always look after the defense team because this helps you know which one is effective to prevent you. The second part is their offensive troops. The better you observe, the better strategy you can use to divide opponents effectively. This is an important part of killing an opponent in an easier manner; that’s why you can go after the same.

Sending two or three members of higher castle members is an effective choice because they will let you know about the best heroes in the opponent’s deck. Choosing some high-end hero means you must have something in spare for the later use. Do not send all the important heroes; otherwise, it can cause trouble later. Chances of facing trouble are higher due to the same.

Recruiting Best Commanders

By recruiting the best commanders from the past like from the different civilizations. In case you hire them, there is no way you will face any problem regarding the progression, that’s why you can consider them and get rid of several issues with ease. So, you can start going with the selection of Julius Caesar, Constantine, Sun Tzu, Genghis Khan, etc. They are effective choices.

You can expect the expedition by accessing the same from the lower right corner symbol. You can find the campaign option inside, choose the expedition button and level selection. This will help you recruit some of the best commanders for effective progression, which is an effective and highly reliable method that you can look after with ease.

During the first-time progression, it is important that you stay selective and do not waste time using the recruited commanders. Only consider them when you have completed the resting level easily and effectively.

Character Upgrade

With the upgrade of all characters in each department, it becomes easy to boost whatever you want. Becoming one of the effective gamers is an easier choice, and you can consider it without any issue. When you are choosing the characters to upgrade, then consider defense because it can prevent your kingdom effectively.

If you have played games like COC or Clash Royale from Supercell, then you may know how important defense troops are and how to boost their health and other aspects. This will be an important aspect of the effective progression. In case nothing is working in your progression part, then try to collect enough resources and do not spend all your money on upgrades.

Lilith Games has launched a new mobile title, Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade, with lots of interesting gameplay elements and features. The game has a good rating on the app store that reflects how much love it is gaining. Millions of game enthusiasts are crazy to play this game and take part in the different quests offered by it. Take part in different quests and challenges to win exciting rewards and then use them to increase your progress speed.

Start with the tutorial mode to know about the gameplay and basics. After this, implement the basic tips and enjoy the gameplay without struggling with hassles. You need to set up various types of structures to build an ultimate kingdom. Try to gain the required resources to accomplish every task and to grow your kingdom with Rise Of Kingdoms Cheats.

Try to claim your rewards

Getting progress quickly is not possible without gaining several resources that you can acquire in the form of rewards. Many tasks and challenges come with amazing rewards that you should claim on time. Apart from the quests, many other achievements can be seen that offer plentiful rewards. Never try to skip claiming these rewards. If you are on the home screen on the game, then you can check your rewards on the top right corner. By tapping on it, you will get a list of the rewards that you can claim by completing different achievements.

Gather outside resources

Players will get some exploration options while sending the commander and troops on adventures. They have various options to acquire rewards in the game that they need to check carefully. They can either opt to fight groups of barbarians or go for other resource deposits. With the help of choosing any of the options, they can gather resources for the kingdom. Try to put your commander and troops to complete the tasks, whether you are sending them to collect goods or not. By keeping this tip in mind, players can survive longer and get success at every stage.

Upgrade all the buildings

Players should upgrade the city hall on a daily basis to acquire new buildings. Every building should be upgraded to its max level. And that’s why most of the players try to upgrade all the buildings perfectly, and then they head over to the city hall. With the help of this, players can easily make progress and complete all the preparations for a new upgrade level. Every building has a max level for its upgrade, and you need to attain it before going to make improvements to your city hall.

Complete quests

The different types of quests are available in the game that you can access from the quill tab. You can find this tab on the left side of the screen. Perform all the tasks to complete the quests properly, and then you will be rewarded with some in-game resources and currencies. With the help of the side as well as the main quests, players can focus on the vital tasks of the game. Stick to the quest tab instead of paying attention to every task. Try to complete the daily objectives to gain activity points as well as other rewards. Gaining some activity points can help to unlock the various types of chests by using Rise Of Kingdoms Hack.

Upgrade your commanders

At the initial stage, you can access only one commander, but later you have an option to gather more commanders for your kingdom. It is crucial to upgrade these commanders because it can help you in many ways. You can send one commander with your troops to fight against the opponents. On the other hand, you should also leave one commander at home in order to defend your wall. Upgrading the commanders is not possible without having commander sculptures. These can also be used to unlock new skills and to level up the commanders.

Spend gems smartly

Needless to mention, currencies have a vital role, and you should understand this aspect carefully. Gems are the rarest currency that should be used carefully. Make use of gems only for leveling up your VIP level to enjoy several benefits. It will give you different kingdom-building benefits and an opportunity to open up the daily chest with VIP level rewards. Grab these rewards and then make use of them to enhance your progress level.

Don’t forget to recruit new troops

While sending your commander into the battle, he shouldn’t be alone because it is crucial to send troops with him. Recruit new troops to help the commander during the battles. Make upgrades to archery range, stable, and barracks because these are really important in the game. Never forget to upgrade and train these buildings to get the best out of them. To know why it is important to recruit new troops, you should keep your eye on the results. It will help you to defeat the barbarians and complete the battles quickly. Make a viable strategy to win the battles and to make other improvements to your kingdom.

Join an active alliance

When you decide to join an alliance, then you should look for the one that is active. These alliances already have a good number of members that can provide you with plenty of benefits. You can get the help of these members while building your structures as well as the entire kingdom.

The Final Verdict

Despite being a top-notch gamer in the early levels, you should not underrate the difficulty of higher levels. Due to this, you should look after the effective ways to progress at a faster rate. The use of Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade cheats can play an important role, and you can go with the same for higher levels.

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