PUBG Mobile Cheats - Easiest Way To Hack Battle Points

PUBG is the trendiest game that is there on the mind of almost the entire population. I'm pretty sure that you probably have heard the PUBG word from your friends. If you don't know that what is the complete name of the PUBG then let me tell you that its complete name is Players Unknown Battlegrounds. The name itself depicts its royale battle genre. The gameplay of PUBG is much like fortnite. However, it is a little bit better in the aspect of features and the controls. It is much easy to handle the control than fortnite, which is the reason that it is on the mouth of every person out there whether it’s an occasional gamer.


Here the primary goal of every player/ every team in the game is to stay alive and thrive in the battleground until all the other players or teams get knocked out. Here you or your team needs to be the last to win the ultimate battle.

Remember that the game is not about getting more no of kills but to survive for longer till you remain the last in the combat field.

Apart from that, the players also require to collect enough amounts of funds in the game to make several purchases. However, if you fail to gather the credits, then the alternative is to use the PUBG mobile cheats through which you can have access to funds in an unlimited amount.


Do you get beaten off the ground too quick or If you have just started playing the game or are having trouble in improving your gameplay then don't worry? Here we are with some very genuine tips for you. Even if you are an advanced player in the game then also you are going to be benefitted from the tips. So, without doing any further due let's dive into the tips

  1. Get your set up

Before starting with the matches in the battleground, it is essential to grab your setups. By setup, I mean to get prepared. Here are four things that you should add in the checklist:

-charge your phone completely or make sure it is connected to power.

-Increase the brightness of your phone if it's low as it can cause problem invisibility of the enemies.

  1. Use your headphones

It is better to play the game with your earphones on. Choose a headphone with mic. It will help you to stay aware of the vehicles, players by listening to the sound of footsteps and firing. Additionally, it will also help you to communicate with the other members if you are playing in alliance with your teammates.

  1. In-game currency

There are two in-game credits here that are- UC and the BP.

  • UC- The UC's are the prime credits in the game which is used to purchase almost anything in the game whether its the royal pass or the customization stuff. It is also the premium currency which you can get only by spending real life currency in the game. However, if you don't find it suitable to spend the real money then make the use of PUBG mobile hack.
  • BP- The BP stands for the battle points in the game PUBG. Factors such as the number of kills, rank, hits, etc. influence the battle points you will get. It is effortless to collect BP's through daily log-in, participating in the matches, etc.
  1. Landing Spots

Keep in mind to land in a secluded area regardless of the number of houses there. As you may not be getting the best loot, but the priority is to keep yourself away from the encounters. More crowded the area is, higher will be the chances of an encounter. Therefore, decide your landing spot carefully and beforehand.


The game is gaining steam way faster and is on the trendy list. So, go with the flow of trend and have fun knocking down the other players in the ultimate combat ground.