Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Cheats – Unlimited Leaf Tickets and Bells

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hack

Do you like spending time with animals? Are you interested in taking care of numerous animals? If the answer to both these queries is affirmative then you should consider playing this game and to make it more fun also try to use our Animal Crossing Pocket Camp hack.

In this game, your main objective is to take care of several adorable animals. You will be allotted with various tasks like helping visitors, harvesting fruits, etc. When you complete these tasks, you will earn resources that can be turned into furniture. The furniture will thus help in beautifying your campsite so that many more animals visit your area.

You begin the game by selecting any one type of campsite among the four choices that are available – Goldie, Rosie, Jay or Apollo. Your campsite can be customized as per your choice and availabilities. In the start, you need to gather crafting materials so that you can build some furniture and gradually progress in making an awesome campsite.

Leaf Tickets:

Leaf Tickets are the premium currency of the game, so spending them wisely is important. Unless you generate them with our Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hack or You can purchase them by spending real world money. You need to make your campsite beautiful by adding new furniture and decorating it. Crafting furniture or decorative items can take up to 5 hours. However, if you want to speed up the process by crafting multiple things together then you can make use of Leaf Tickets.

Moreover, you can even make use of Leaf Tickets for harvesting items and finishing tasks quickly. You can use it for throwing net so that you can catch multiple fishes at once or exchange it for honey so that you can catch multiple bugs quickly.


Bells are the main currency of the game that is used for purchasing various items from the game store. You can even use Bells for paying mortgage, trading with villagers, etc. Bells are easily obtainable in the game as you can acquire them by selling items to the store. You can even acquire them by digging shining spots, receive from villagers, and shaken from regular as well as money trees. If you are out of Bells – no problem! Just keep using our Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hack.


Campers are vehicles that are used for accommodation or for traveling to different locations around the map. You can customize the interiors and exteriors of the camper as per your choice. The interiors of the camper can be decorated with wallpaper, furniture, flooring, and other items.

On the other hand, the exterior of the camper can be customized at OK Motors. You can select between various patterns and colors for customizing your camper and make payments by spending Bells. For instance, to expand the first floor of the camper you will require 10,000 Bells and to expand second floor of the camper you will need 30,000 Bells.

OK Motors:

OK Motors is the place that is operated by Giovanni wherein you can customize your camper. You need to pay certain amount of Bells for customizing your camper as per your choice. If you are falling short of Bells then you can take loans too which are paid by using the Loan icon in the More Menu. Once again our Pocket Camp Cheats are ready to help! You can even consider getting your camper ordinarily painted at OK Motors or select Special Paint Job to beautify your vehicle.


Money Tree:

Also known as Bell Tree, the Money Tree can be grown by gamers by using a golden shovel to bury a bag full of bells. Once the tree is fully grown, it may bloom with three bags of bells, which will highly depend on the amount that was initially buried. The tree will bloom and produce money only once. It is a great way to earn short-term profit; however, in the long run you will end up spending more money than receiving.


Market Place:

At the Market Place, you can visit shops and buy items for your campsite. Everyday there will be three items for sale at each shop. Moreover, there will be only two shops at a time in the Market Place. To have more fun we suggest you to try Animal Crossing Pocket Camp hack. The shops that you will come across are listed below:

  • Able Sisters To Go: Clothes and accessories can be purchased here.
  • Kicks: Shoes, socks, and boots can be bought from here.
  • Nookling Global: You can buy non-craftable furniture here.

Crafting Materials:

Here are some crafting materials that you will require for making your campsite attractive:

  • Cool Essence: Cool Essence can be obtained by completing quests for Angus, Agnes, Tex, Cherry, Kyle, Roscoe, Sandy, and Shovelstrike Quarry. It is a type of crafting material and its selling price is 50.
  • Paper: You can obtain Paper by completing quests for Charlise, Apollo, and Stella. The selling price of Paper is 10 Bells.
  • Friend Powder: You can acquire Friend Powder by completing timed and stretch goals. It can be used for crafting various decorations.
  • Natural Essence: It is available at the Shovelstrike Quarry. Its selling price is 50 Bells.
  • Just use our Animal Crossing Pocket Camp hack and you’ll have all the materials.

Shovelstrike Quarry:

Shovelstrike Quarry is a location in the game that can either be accessed by using 20 Leaf Tickets (don’t worry you can get them using our Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hack) or by gathering 5 friends to mine for minerals. You need to collect ores like Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Sapphires, and Rubies by mining rocks with the help of a shovel. These ores can be used as a part of craft order or can be sold for Bells. In case you are using the aid of friends then there is a limit to have one mining per day.


Amenities refer to large outdoor buildings that are placed in the campsite. These amenities attract several villagers to the area. Some of the amenities that you can acquire in the game are Carousel, Basic Tent, Cool Tent, Picnic Set, Pool, Street Set, and much more. There are some amenities that are easily available in the game whereas others need to be unlocked or crafted by using numerous materials like Cotton, Bells, Cool Essence, etc. For creating the Amenities, you will require different time periods.


You will come across several adorable animals in the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game. Here are some of them:

  • Pale Chub: The Pale Chub fish can be found in the rivers during the day. It is found in plentiful and all through the year.
  • Crucian Carp: The Crucian Carp fish is located in the rivers. Its price is 120 Bells and it can be found throughout the year.
  • Yellow Perch: The Yellow Perch fish can be found only in the months of October to Match. The price of this winter fish is 240 Bells.
  • Fruit Beetle: The Fruit Beetle is a common green colored bug, which can be found on fruit and non-fruit trees. It is found only in the months of July to September. The price of this bug is 100 Bells.
  • Emperor Butterfly: It is an uncommon butterfly that can be found in the summers during the month of June to September. Its price is 2,500 Bells.

Listed Below Are Some Effective Tips That You Should Follow For Making Your Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Game Simpler:

  • Collect as many fruits, shells, etc. you can in the game as later on these will help you in fulfilling the requests made by animals. Moreover, collecting them instantly will let them re-spawn again quickly.
  • Keep checking the map so that you know which animals are lurking in parts of the campsite.
  • Complete the Timed Goals and Stretch Goals on a regular basis. This will let you earn lot of goal rewards, which should be collected before they expire.
  • To catch saltwater fishes and interact with villagers, visit the Saltwater Shores. It is a beach with docks and a lighthouse. You can even collect coconuts and seashells out there.
  • If you want to catch freshwater fish like Black Bass or Rainbow Trout then you should visit the Lost Lure Creek. Here you will find a waterfall and a jetty where you can place your net.

To conclude, the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game is an engrossing one that can keep you forever busy with your animals. The game has acquired 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, grow your love for animals by playing this awesome game and don’t forget to try our Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Cheats.

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