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My Story Hacks

If you are wholeheartedly interested in exploring the different adventures of the fantasy world, then you should try this flabbergasting game My Story Choose Your Own path published by Nanobit. The game will endow you with a different experience that you surely have never experienced in the role-playing games that you have ever played till now. Here the players are offered to set up their character in the game and let you interact with various other characters in the game as well.

The whole game is based on the decision you make throughout your journey. Your choices will decide the end of the storyline, which means that you need to be taking every decision wisely in the game so that you don’t need to face any off-putting circumstances ahead. However, if you want to test a variety of choices here and to interact with different characters in the game then make the use of My Story Hack Choose Your Own path cheats that will help you to grab an unlimited amount of energies and funds in the game. Thereby, you can freely explore every single aspect of the story.

Now that we talked about the game so much, why not let’s discuss its features as well.

Live your virtual life

As you read earlier, the game allows you to live a virtual life to get new experiences and a lot of fun. While playing the role of the main character of the game, you need to do lots of things, including the tasks, customizing the character, and much more. Try to pay appropriate attention to all the important aspects of the story to complete it as early as possible.

To bring an end to the story, you need to make all of your choices in a smart way. Choose as you want and give a new direction to the story that you are playing. After completing one story, you can head over to the next one with ease.

Customize your character

Players have an option to create as well as customize their characters in the game. It is one of the impressive features with which you can change the look of your character. Some clothes are free of cost whereas others are really expensive. Buy the stuff smartly according to the funds you have. Look for the best clothing and accessories to enhance the look of your character. Never spend all of your currencies to buy the premium stuff from the game store.

Try to save it for struggling with the difficulties at the later stages of the game. In this way, you will never feel bored while playing the game. Pay proper attention while customizing the look of your character to make it look better than other players.

Stay connected on social media

It is important for players to stay connected with the Facebook page of the game to get numerous benefits. On the Facebook page, players can take part in the regular contests organized by the developers to get extra rewards. Try to keep track of the social media updates to avail various offered by provided by developers. Never forget to follow the social media accounts of the game because it helps to get different rewards in the form of in-game currencies also you can by using My Story Hack. Get a good number of tickets and diamonds that you can use later as per your desire while playing the game.


The game is engrossed with some fantastic features that you compel you to praise the creator of the game. Below I have reiterated some of the startling features that it provides to its lovable players out there.

The direction of the story is in your hand. The things that are going to occur in the game, you need to decide them. The story will progress, along with the flow of your decisions only.

Custom personalization of your avatar in the game is also allowed. Go on with your favorite styles of outfits, haircut, and the hair colors as well.

The platform of the game allows you to have the experience of playing different characters in various stories as well. Multiple stories are added in the game continuously that you can unlock by having access to the funds. Therefore, it is better to make the use of the My Story Choose Your Own path hack from the very start of the game so that you can enjoy several additional benefits in the game.


Now that we have grabbed a good amount of knowledge about the features of the game let’s have a glimpse at the funds of the game as well. There are two main credits in the game that are the Diamonds and tickets. Both of these funds play a significant role in the gameplay.

Diamonds: The gems are the premium currency of the game, which is very rare to acquire. These gems are crucial for making individual vital decisions in the game.  However, several people have access to the diamonds by spending real money, but many of the players don’t find it suitable method; therefore they can adopt the other alternative of using the My Story Hack Cheats. It will allow you to catch hold of a generous amount of gems in the game.

Tickets: The tickets are the other most valuable currency of the game that is required to participate in the events and to unlock new chapters in the game. These can be earned by completing several objectives and challenges. Therefore, it can be said that these are quite easy to acquire.

Complete all the tasks

You will find several tasks in the game that you should complete with perfection. By completing all the tasks, players can acquire tickets and diamonds. Along with these challenges, players also need to focus on daily activities. Some daily tasks should be completed on time to claim rewards; otherwise, you may lose the chance. Focus on completing all these tasks in a perfect manner and grab your rewards. You may get diamonds and tickets, which are considered as important currencies so by getting My Story Hack. Try to collect a good number of diamonds and tickets so that you can use them later to purchase premium stuff from the game store.

Finish a story

When you start playing any story, then your main motive is to choose the right option to move further. To make progress in the story, you need to make choices. At every step, you will be provided with some options. All you need to do is to pick the right option as per your desire to live life as you want. While living the virtual life in a story, you can get unlimited fun and enjoyment. Try to complete the story as soon as possible to unlock the new one. By doing this, you will get diamonds that you can use to buy the desired clothing for your character.

Earn diamonds and tickets

Players can’t boost up their progress speed without utilizing the funds in the right manner. First of all, players need to earn a good number of diamonds and tickets and then they can use them as per their requirements. Many ways are out there to collect the funds, but you should make use of the genuine ones. Invite your friends or stay connected on the FB page of the game to get these currencies for free. Try to accomplish the different tasks available to earn diamonds and tickets.

  1. Always stay updated

When you begin to play the game, then maybe you are unable to explore all of its features. The game developers add more features daily to enhance the gamers’ experience. To know all about these features and to explore them, you should stay updated with the game. Every time you know about the update, then you got a diamond that you can use later. After getting an update, you can move forward in the game and also able to access the various offers provided by the game developers.

  1. Accomplish tasks

Your task is not only to make choices but also to accomplish the tasks provided by developers. It is really important to complete the provided tasks to make progress throughout the game. To complete a story, you need to finish its chapters and other tasks. Along with it, also complete the daily tasks that have been assigned to you. Always complete these tasks on time to progress quickly and to earn diamonds as well as tickets.

  1. Unlock stories

In the beginning, you can access a limited number of stories, but you need to unlock more. It is important for players to unlock more and more stories in order to play them. With the help of this, you can easily earn a good number of tickets and diamonds. In this way, you can move to new stages of the game where you can easily avail a good number of rewards in the form of in-game currencies and resources also by trying My Story Cheats. It will also help you to get new experiences.

Hence, we can say that both the currencies are equally crucial for the progress of the game, and thus, the players will need to work harder to maintain a good flow of funds in the game.

The virtual world of the game will allow you to have a fantastic experience of the things that you can’t do in real life. All in all, the game will captivate you so much that you will become fanatic to it. So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to take a pause from the hustle-bustle of real life and dive into the stories of the virtual world with My Story Choose Your Own Path.

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