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My Home Design Dreams Hack

Among many matching puzzle games that are being launched on the gaming platform, My Home is also the one that is gaining some hype amongst the gamers. It is a type of game that grants you the opportunity to design the houses by playing the match-3 puzzle games side by side.

There is a vast no. of tasks that you need to perform in the game such as adding the furniture, collecting the funds, competing through various puzzle levels and much more. Among all these, the fund collection is most vital in the game, so that you can freely purchase the pieces of infrastructure. If you use the My Home hack right from the starting of the game, you are not getting any trouble meanwhile for sure.

Rest, all other essential elements of the game and some of the tips that you need to know necessarily, are all recapitulated here. You can have a glimpse of all the details of the gameplay below:

Special tiles

If you have been playing the puzzle games for a while, then you may be familiar with the importance of special tiles that works as a power-up in the game. These special pieces are created by matching more 4 or more tiles together. Here also there are few different special pieces that you can create while playing the game are:

–    Drill: To create a drill, you have to match four tiles in a row or column. It clears out all the tiles that are in the same row or column. The direction of the power-up will decide whether it will clear out the pieces horizontally, or vertically.

–    Missiles: Match four pieces together in a line. It will clear the pieces that are required to be removed to complete the ongoing level.

–    Bomb: The bomb gets created when five tiles of the same color make an L or a T shape. Tap the missile to make it work and clear all the neighbor tiles.

–    Battery: 5 Matching pieces in a line give rise to a battery in the game. IT is the most powerful one out of all.

Mixing two of these unique pieces will create even more damage.

Pieces that can’t be moved

There are individual tiles in the game that can’t be moved from their places. Some of these are the box and the cement tiles. Therefore, it is first required to remove these blocked tiles to further progress in the level.

Daily log-in

To get a few more funds, don’t forget to collect the log-in and the daily events rewards. These rewards can provide you random gifts in the game, such as pieces of furniture, credits, etc.


In the game, you need to add furniture to your house to give a new look to it. For purchasing the pieces of furniture, you will require a good amount of funds. There are many ways to collect the funds in the game, but if you want a more straightforward approach, then you should make the use of My Home cheats. By using the cheats, you can get access to an unlimited number of funds in the game which you can use to spend in purchasing the desired items for your home.

Here’s a tip for you to keep the maintenance of the funds throughout the game:

–    Go for furniture pieces with slightly lesser prices, and once you collect the right amount of the credits, go for the expensive ones.

– Don’t spend lavishly on products without understanding their usage in the game. We don’t want the stuff to just place in our inventory. Therefore, purchase the type of furniture that goes with almost every color. Thereby, you can save money.

These are some of the things that you can keep in your mind while playing. I’m sure that it will help you in the long run throughout the game. So, don’t let boredom to become burdensome on you, instead, feel light playing the fantastic puzzle game with a little twist.

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