Mortal Kombat X Hack – Souls and Koins Cheats 2020

Mortal Kombat Cheats

Mortal Kombat is an engrossing card-based game where you can play PVP or PVE battles. You need to assemble a team of best three fighters and challenge other players for a fight or you can also choose to play PVE missions. The game has been improved for mobile devices and features lots of new characters from Mortal Kombat 11. Players can enjoy all that they love about Mortal Kombat; such as stunning graphics, gripping storyline, iconic characters, etc. in this game. However, before playing the game, read the below shared review to gain more information on Mortal Kombat game.

Mortal Kombat Game Currencies:


They are the primary game currency, which can be used to purchase new characters and upgrades for existing characters. Koins can be obtained by playing PVP and PVE battles, though the amount of Koins received depends on the outcome of the battle. You can also earn Koins by opening chests and collect them throughout the game as plenty of currency is scattered across the realm. However, earning Koins by using these methods is easy, but collecting a good amount of them to purchase better characters is tough. So, another way to get Koins is by using Mortal Kombat Cheats as you can easily earn any amount of Koins that you desire by using the hacking tool.


They are the premium currency, which cannot be earned except when you upgrade your characters or complete certain achievements. Souls are a powerful currency that can be used to purchase extraordinary fighters, which denotes that this gaming currency creates a difference! You can acquire good amount of Souls by purchasing them from the game store. However, by using Mortal Kombat Cheats, you can generate unlimited amount of Souls with a few clicks of the mouse.

Alliance Points:

They are a special form of game currency, which is introduced to reward the players who engage in cooperative gameplay. Whenever you lend your champion to other players in battle, you will receive Alliance Points that in turn can be used to purchase Alliance Packs. You can get Mortal Kombat characters and gears by opening the obtained Alliance Packs. The Mortal Kombat Hack also gives an option to instantly generate the desired amount of Alliance Points, which means you can now purchase as many Alliance Packs as you want.

So, as long as you are using Mortal Kombat Hack, you don’t have to worry about game currencies, and you can buy the best characters that the game has to offer.

Highlights Of Mortal Kombat Game:

The game offers over 130 iconic Mortal Kombat characters for the gamers to select. These characters are from different realms and possess unique set of abilities, fighting style, etc. You can also play by using some of the Mortal Kombat veteran characters; such as Liu Kang, Scorpion, Sub Zero, Johnny Cage, Cyrax, Sektor, etc. You can purchase new characters from the game store or can unlock them from reward chests.

Character Classes:

The characters in the game are further divided into different character classes namely; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. A Diamond character is the strongest one and can easily defeat more than two Silver characters or three Bronze level characters. In order to excel in the game, it is essential to collect lots of Diamond and Gold level characters.

Character Upgrades:

In addition to purchasing the character cards, you can also purchase different upgrades for your characters. Upgrades are of two types i.e. temporary and permanent. When these upgrades are equipped, they result in better performance as the upgrades enhance the defensive and offensive abilities of the playable characters. Also, by playing lots of battles, the characters earn Experience Points, which allows them to level up. By leveling up, they become stronger and resilient to damage from opponents.

3 vs. 3 Battle:

You can compete with friends or other random players in the action packed 3 vs. 3 battles. The rule of the battle is very simple! Each player needs to assemble a team of three champions who will fight against the other team in a turn-based card combat. At the end, player with the surviving champion wins the game, so it is wise to choose the team carefully. The battle will also let you perform X-Ray moves and fatalities at the end of the battle.

Challenge Modes:

If you do not wish to play with other gamers then you can test your skills in different challenge modes that are available in the game. Some of the challenge modes are Shao Kahn’s Tower, Talent Tree, and Relic Hunt. These modes consist of several battles of increasing difficulty. You can play and replay the matches in the challenge mode in order to enhance your skills.

You may fritter your hard-earned cash or use hacks and cheats for generating currencies. The choice is yours! In fact, loads of currencies would even help in achieving success in the numerous game modes. Each game mode is unique and you need to understand them well so that you can successfully complete them. To make your game easier, here are some tips on playing various game modes of Mortal Kombat Mobile game.

Relic Hunt

In this game mode, you need to fight with innumerable opponents to complete a challenge.  The gaming characters that you choose as your team for Relic Hunt will not be available for other game modes other than Faction Wars. Moreover, keep in mind that once you have selected your team, you will not be able to change them after the challenge begins, so select your fighters carefully.

Challenge Mode

It is an event that is held regularly on a fixed day, which lasts for about two weeks. In this gaming mode, you need to beat 63 challenges in a span of two weeks so that you can earn amazing prizes. Each challenge consists of five challenge towers and you might come across some challenges that are repeated. It is the best game mode for unlocking challenge characters.

Quest Mode

In this interesting game mode, you have to select certain number of fighters that you would be sending on quests. When your fighters complete the quests, you will be awarded with numerous freebies. The chances of your fighter completing the quest will highly depend on its strength and gear. So, the best way to achieve success in this mode is to keep experimenting with various gears for your fighter and then upgrade them up so that they become more powerful. For upgrading your character, you will require plenty of in-game currencies and there isn’t anything better than making use of Mortal Kombat hack for generating Souls and Koins in huge amounts.

Faction Wars

In Faction Wars game mode, you have to fight with players from different parts of the world. You can make use of up to three different cards for a battle. Ensure that you choose your factions wisely for the challenge as changing them in the midst would impact your rewards and leaderboard placement. You can purchase exclusive characters as well as equipment cards from the Faction store by using Blood Rubies. At the end of the challenge, you will receive rewards for participating in this game mode. Your rewards will depend on the position you acquire in Faction’s leaderboards.

Mortal Kombat X mobile game tips and tricks

Health plays an important role in the game, so keep an eye on the health meters of each character. If any of your gaming character is getting low on health, let them take rest for sometime so that they can regenerate their health meters automatically.

To attack, you need to tap the screen. On the lower left of your screen, you can tap icons to unleash Special Attacks. Once you have generated enough power, you can make use of ‘Special Attacks’ tool to carry out massive damage on the opponents. Power can be generated by attacking your enemies.

Receive rewards each day by logging to the game daily. If you sign in on a regular basis, your rewards would get better day-by-day. Moreover, each day you should complete the objectives that are provided to you so that you can earn some more freebies. These rewards reset every 24 hours, so ensure that you always check the left column of your Home screen to know the Objectives that are still left to be done.

To know the various equipments that your characters possess, you need to review the Kollection on a regular basis. If there is anything missing then you should plan for an upgrade.

Koins and Souls are the two most important in-game currencies of Mortal Kombat. You can earn them in limited quantities by completing daily missions and playing the game consistently. Professional gamers have suggested making use of Mortal Kombat Mobile hack to generate innumerable amounts of Koins and Souls within a few seconds.

To add Gold Cards in your team, you should complete the challenges that are available from time-to-time. Ensure that you complete them quickly as these challenges appear only for a limited time period.

Gold and Diamond characters have Feats of Strength, which would let you unlock customization and permanent upgrades for your gaming characters. Therefore, whenever you acquire these cards, check out their Feats of Strength.

Overall, Mortal Kombat is an entertaining online game that has plenty of interesting features. So, without wasting any time, just download the game and experience it for yourself!


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