Matchington Mansion Hack – Coins Cheats 2020

Matchington Mansion Hack

Among all the match 3 puzzle games that have been evolved in the horde of being popular, one game that gained some steam is the Matchington Mansion. It is a very lively game with a lot of vibrant colors that entice you to play the game. But the game is not all about mix and matching these colorful gems but also a lot more than that. Here you own an old mansion of which you have taken the responsibility to refurbish and make it idyllic.

Furthermore there are several credits that you will need in the game to maintain appropriately. It is a crucial step to make the mansion dazzling again. For the purpose you can also take the help of the Matchington Mansion hack and get access to a good amount of funds.

Below some essential elements of the game are reiterated to give you a clear overview of the scenario.


As you own a huge mansion here, the first you require doing to give it a makeover by placing various pieces of infrastructure and other stuff. The renovation can be done in two ways. First is getting the pieces when you complete a puzzle and other is through making a purchase.

Special puzzle pieces

While playing the puzzle part of the game, if it feels like a special pillow can be created then go for it. Don’t miss the opportunity as these special tiles can help you in clearing the stage with no difficulty at all. Here are few tips to create these pieces of special stuff:

  • Big firecracker pillow: In order to make it, you need to match the same colored tiles in a T or L shape. The pillow has the power to explode and clear out several at one time.
  • To gain even more stars try to match the rainbow tiles with the firecracker pillow.
  • Use these boosters wisely as these are like silver spoons in your mouth that keeps the propensity of making any tough level clear with a lot of ease.


To complete the levels you will be provided with certain moves within which you need to accomplish the main goal of the game. If you get unable to complete the level in the given moves then it will cost you one live. However you can gain more moves by spending funds in the game. If you don’t have enough funds then go for the Matchington Mansion cheats and get back to the track. Here are a few essential things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Try to complete the levels in fewer moves as it is possible for you.
  • Uses the left moves to create the special pillows that will serve as the last game changer for you and will help you to gain the maximum stars.


Coins are the primary credits that play a vital role in the game. These are required at the times when you lose a level and you want to give it another try. Furthermore, you also require these coins to purchase furniture in order to renovate your house. To gain the coins in the game follow the below listed steps:

  • Link your game profile to your facebook account. It will instantly grant you a total of 500 coins.
  • Complete as many levels as you can. It will allow you to have your hands on some more coins.
  • Utilize the Matchington Mansion hack. It will grant you innumerable coins, so that you can play the game without any free. Purchase whatever stuff you feel like purchasing that will give your mention a cool look.

Keep unlocking the stuffs in the game

To get the cool versions of the infrastructure, it is suggested to visit the stranger friends that visit your mansion. They always have some amazing stuffs.

With all the above provided information I’m sure that you are now fully acquainted with the essential pieces of stuff in the game. Therefore, go and give the place a complete new look and pour life to your new mansion.

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