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Lifeafter Cheats - Best Way To Get Credits


Lifeafter is a zombie survival game as suggested by its name: the life after death. The game is the latest hit of NetEase. The game may look accessible to you, but it's much more in depth then you even think of. Here the players require not only to survive but also to attack the zombies to bring back the world as it was before. What's even more exciting in the game is the sub-genre and the gameplay of the game. Don't believe it? Well, have a look at its gameplay in the forthcoming paragraph.



There are many locations in the game where you can reach through the helicopters, but here you need to strategize your plans to find your way to the site without being killed by any zombie. It is not the only thing, in the game you will still have to earn money for your living; you'll also require making food for yourself to survive as well. If you want to fight with the zombies without caring about the cash, then use the Lifeafter cheats to acquire a liberal amount of currency in the game.

Here the goal is to thrive as long as you can in a world attacked by the zombies all around you without being killed. Therefore, be ready to survive through the battle without being knocked out.



The main in-world currencies in the zombie world are the money gold bars and resources.

Money: to maintain your endurance in the game; you will require to earn money the same as in real life. One can obtain the money you can sell things in the market. But if you keep on selling just simple pieces of stuff in the game, you'll end up earning a small amount of money for your living. The creator has kept things similar to real life. It is because here in the game also if something is easily accessible in the market, then it's market value decreases. Therefore, for your survival, it is necessary that you craft the things that take more time to get completed. Thereby, you can catch hold of a generous amount of currency in the game.

Gold bars: Gold bars can be earned by crafting the bag packs in the game. It is because of there a number of a newbie in the game that requires the bag pack. But it is necessary to compare your crafted items with other players in the market.

Now, here you might be thinking about which profession is better to adopt in the game that will allow you to make a decent amount of money. Then you can opt for jobs like Logger, picker, miner, Armorers, etc. However, there is one more way to instantly earn money and the gold bars in the game, and that is opting for the Lifeafter hack.



Some players who are a novice in the Lifeafter may require some tips to accomplish the tasks, so for that here I have reiterated some tips for you guys that you can use in the game.

Getting the backpack in the game

When a player dies it losses all of its items collected in the game. So first go, and get back those items by visiting the place where you died. Your death place is marked as a backpack icon on the mini-map, thereby you can find the site easily, and collect the items again.

Keep the bandages with yourself

One of the primary stat of the game is the HP. after your death, these can be collected by using the bandages, and therefore it is necessary to store them for further use.  Also, if you are thinking that from where you can get the bandages, then you can craft them using the hemp which you can collect in the game. Thereby, you can make the use of them when you are running out of HP's.


By following these tips, one can replenish the items whenever required and thereby can make their survival easier.