Last Shelter Survival Hack

Last Shelter Survival Hack

Last Shelter Survival Hack – Diamonds Cheats Generator

Last Shelter: Survival is the top-grossing game which is available for the Android platform. The game is created by IM30 TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, and its size is almost 100 MB. The game is considered under the category of strategy based games. The game contains various types of war machines and vehicles which help in an ongoing battle.



In the starting of the game, users are provided with a game tutorial. The game tutorial tells the users all basic things about controls and gameplay. Users need to make full and proper use of it as to learn and understand all the basics of the game. After then there are various types of missions and events present in the game.

What about gameplay?

The game is filled with a small group of survivors and zombies. In the game, you are surrounded by zombies and in huge numbers. Not only zombies, but there are also many other players too. The main aim in the game is to survive, fight, manage, defeat and dominate. It is difficult to do all things easily and for that users need to apply more strategies, tips, and tricks.

By applying more useful tips and tricks you easily earn a good amount of in-game currency. But for those players who only want to earn in-game currency without putting many efforts Last Shelter Survival hack is the best option. By using the hack option, they get a huge amount of in-game currency and many other essential rewards also.

How to get more heroes?

In the starting of the game, users are provided with only one hero. After that, you need to unlock more heroes in heroes hall. In order to recruit heroes, the users need recruitment tickets. The recruitment tickets are of three types which are given below –

  • Normal – It helps you to recruit normal heroes.
  • Super – These tickets used to recruit superheroes.
  • Advanced – With this, you can recruit advanced heroes.

So, users need to earn a good amount of recruitment tickets as to unlock and recruit more and more powerful heroes. Unlocking more powerful heroes helps you to build more structure and protect your base or kingdom from zombies and other players. Users can also take the assistance of Last Shelter Survival cheats to unlock or recruit more new and powerful heroes.

Know more about hero skills

The game consists of various types of heroes with their unique and classic skills. In order to upgrade these hero skills, one needs wisdom medals. These wisdom medals are earned by accomplishing more events, quests and hunt zombies. The new hero skills are unlocked by upgrading the heroes. The game includes three types of skills which are given below –

  • Development skills – These skills are activated by station the heroes.
  • Combat skills – These skills are automatically used by the heroes in the game.
  • Leadership skills – The leadership skills are activated by placing the hero in formation.

Useful tip and tricks

As the game contains easy controls and little hard gameplay, so it is essential to apply more and more tips, tricks and strategies in it. By doing this, it becomes easy for you to play the game. The following are some important tips, tricks, and strategies which the users need to apply in the game –

  • Join an active alliance
  • Pay more attention to the upgradation of your heroes.
  • Take entry and complete more events to get more rewards.
  • Train and upgrade your troops properly after regular intervals.
  • Try to keep your structures organized.

The tips which are discussed above help users in many ways. By applying them, one can get a good amount of currency and also unlock and recruit more powerful heroes.

So what’s the final verdict?

Last Shelter: Survival is the game that requires more attention to its gameplay. If you want to become the best player in Last Shelter: Survival then you needs to complete more and more events and missions. By doing this, you can get enough amount of in-game currency. The currency is essential to go far in the game. One should use the Last Shelter Survival hack option to get more in-game currency. By hacking the game all heroes, missions, and events are unlocked easily.

Last Shelter Survival Hack


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  1. I am on this game entirely wayyyy too much! I love what you guys are doing here, its just a game after all…a game that has taken over my free time! -.- I sure hope this generator works, I have people to feed back at the base! Love you duders! Keep up the good work.

  2. I love this game, it takes away my boredom and keeps me intentertained. Though I need diamonds to assist my growth and speed up my technology. Trying to get my troops to the top tiers.

  3. Thanks guys. With no instructions it’s hard to progress in this game.

  4. Best diamond generator ever! Good website! Very helpfyll! I love it! Last shelter ofrever! Peace guys! Yoalu awesome!

  5. I love last shelter survival because it makes me feel like a real “commander”. And i need the diamonds to teleport to another state

    1. Awesome, have fun!

  6. I started playing this game about 3 months ago and I’m so addicted. I’ve met some new friends in my alliance whom I’ve become close with and love that there is always something to do in the game. Upgrading building does get costly but if you’re and active player it’s not too bad. I’m to base level 19 with most of my building to same level. I’d highly suggest this game. I would love to have additional diamonds to help upgrade my tower and garrison along with the management station. I love this game either way though

    1. I love last shelter survival because it makes me feel like a real “commander”. And i need the diamonds to teleport to another state

  7. Wow this cheat works, thanks guys

  8. I’ve started playing it, but now I feel the real need of diamonds to pro eed further & faster.

  9. The most challenging part for a beginner who comes into a State vs. State time frame is the need to keep shielded during the kill events. A 3-day shield runs 2500 diamonds, so getting the extra diamonds is the difference between flourishing as a beginner or getting zeroed constantly and having to start over a lot.

  10. Hi guys nice tool
    That what we need to play the game

  11. It is really a nice game. It seems that i’m addicted playing it.

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