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Just Dance Now, a popular development of Ubisoft Entertainment in the music genre, is free to play multiplatform games available for iOS and Android. This game is unique in all kind, and it has some of the quirky features that can make you love it. There are so many popular songs added into the game, and you need to learn some of the crazy dance moves to get started.

Being the best gamer means earning points and keep on progressing toward being a better gamer. Money is the primary and only currency of the game. If you want to progress, then you need to earn a decent amount. In case you are having a problem earning a sufficient amount, then you can prefer Just Dance Now Mod APK or the in-app purchases as an effective choice.

Apart from that, there are some easy to follow tips and hints that can help with the progression. On the other hand, it is also going to help you earn more money. Let’s get started by checking out the important tips –

  1. Warming Up is Necessary

No doubt that this is fun to play the game, and if you want to enjoy it at the max level, then you can look after a proper workout. Yes, warming up a little can boost your overall progression because your body can move easily.

If your body is ready for some action, then it will be a great strategy. Start by mastering the basic moves because when you are progressing level by level, becoming the master of this game seems like an easy thing, and you can find it as an effective choice for sure.

By this method, setting the dance floor on fire seems like an easy thing. You can earn more money by this method.

  1. Pictograms and Following them

To help all the beginners, developers of the game are offering you pictograms, and they are pretty much helpful learning the basics of the game. You need to perform better, and it takes a little time to master the basics. You can get familiar with the pictograms.

This can give you a great head-start, and the option for pictogram is given in the bottom right corner that is easy to screen while dancing. Keep it in mind that you follow the steps passing by in the game.

If you do it right, then, you are getting some extra points for the same, and progression to become easier in several manners, that’s why you can find it as an effective way of mastering the game. Even, you can slow down the speed to master with ease.

  1. Dancing Technique Matters

No doubt in the fact that the dancing technique matters a lot, and it can help with the faster progression. Even the overall earning of resources also enhances by this method, which can make you rely on the same. If you have a good memory, then you will master this game with ease.

All the steps mentioned in the game that you memorize and repeat them effective in the right manner, then it is an easy way to complete a level. All the levels have different tasks to complete, so you need to move fast and memorize whatever they are showing in the pictures.

If you keep on enhancing the overall dancing skills and using Just Dance Now Mod APK, then it will be easy to master the game. You can get a limitless amount of money that can help with the progression.

  1. Try Different Songs For More Fun

By trying different and different songs as well as practicing your moves, it will be an easy way to reach on better levels. It is all about scoring better and having some of the crazy dance steps. All the gamers who can have amazing dance moves can win with ease.

You can try out the easy, medium, and fast mode of the game where the speed is making a major difference. If you can move at a faster speed, then winning is very easy, and you can find it as an effective way to reach on better levels of the game.

Make sure that when you choose the speed, do not jump from easy to fast because it can increase the difficulty level, and you might end up leaving the game without trying out the impressive modes offered in it.

  1. Look after the All New Extreme Choreos

In this game, developers are offering some extreme chores, and you can unlock them without any problem. When you play through the levels and go after them. It is not about mastering the basics of the game only; you can look after the hard levels of the game also.

You can try out the brand-new take, and they are going to enhance your overall skills, which matters a lot to reach on better levels. Gamers who enjoy completing level instead of frustration or task can easily reach on better levels.

One more thing that you can do in this game is better songs, new coaches, and lots of backgrounds. So, you have new stuff to explore, which can enhance the overall gaming experience while progressing through the levels.


By following the mentioned five tips and keep on practicing on a daily basis, you can get advantages in real life as well as you can enhance the overall dancing moves. The real-life experience enhances with this thing, and you can master all the levels with ease.

When you are trying the basics and progressing toward a betterment, you need money. If you can’t earn enough and think about the use of in-app purchases method, then you can go after the Just Dance Now Mod APK. These are effective options.

Alongside this alternative crack, you can think about plenty of simple methods that will help to go toward a better side. I hope, this guide will come in handy to master the basics of this game.

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