Journeys Interactive Series Cheats - Unlimited Diamonds and Tickets Hack

Journeys Interactive Series is a recently launched decision-making game. It has made its presence in the gaming world four days back only, and already it has gained so many players. Here in the game you can choose your story on your own, feel it, explore it, and live it in the way you want to live. The outcome of the stories is wholly in your hands. All the stories’ chapters are filled with Mystery, Adventure and Romance, Drama as well.

Here in the game, the credits play an essential role if you want to enjoy every segment of the game purely. There are ways to get the credits while playing, but sometimes we get stuck. At such point of times, many players do spend a lot of money on purchasing the credits in the game, but if you don't want to do so, then the best option for you will be to use the Journeys Interactive Series hack. The hack will provide you a generous amount of credits in the game to enjoy the exclusive stuff. Rest if you are willing to know more about the game, and the series included then stay tuned till the last. 

Stories included in the particular series

  • Linda Brown

She's a promising singer that has traveled way back from New York To attend her friend's wedding that is happening in Rio and from here the fantastic adventure of underground begins. Your work here is to guide the brown to achieve her goal of becoming a star in the music world. Not only is this, but you will also be conducting her in finding her true love.

  • ZOE: the heart of Africa

Away from all the magic, Zoe started living a life in New York where she will get involved in some investigation by a detective. From there, she will get to know the real powers she has.

  • Princess by accident

Here in the story, there will be a famous character that will further on meet a dashing car racer. He will take her on to an adventurous now what you have to do is you need to guide her to choose between having a successful career or her love life.
Apart from these three series, there are four more that you can enjoy named a summer in Tuscany, roommates, journals of the unknown, and Zoe salmon's creek.

Collecting diamonds

In the game, if you want to experience the exclusive stuff and choices as well, then you will have to keep collecting diamonds. These diamonds will not only help you unlock the Exclusive pieces of stuff, but also you can enjoy many more things in the game. You can get diamonds by completing the chapters of the stories. If you still don't have access to enough amounts of diamonds, then you can with the use of Journeys Interactive Series cheats.

It was all the essential piece of information that you should know about the game. The game has already achieved the success that it will be entirely fair to you ask about giving it a shot.