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Identity V Hack - Learn How To Get Echoes

Identity V is a horror game with gothic graphics that will send a chill down to your spine.  The main plot of the game revolves around a character named Orpheus, a Detective. He has entirely lost his memory. Once he got a request to investigate the case in which he needs to find the lost daughter of a man at an abandoned place. The ultimate horror storyline of the game will become creepy and dreadful as you'll continue and investigate in the game. The amazing game is so significantly developed by a Chinese company named NetEase on April 2, 2018. Here choose from the different characters available in the game and win the battle of horror. Let's move on to the in-game currencies of the game without doing any further delay.


There are many central funds in the game that are Clue, inspiration, Echo, and Fragment one. Some of these currencies you can earn by playing the game and some you can exchange for real money. But if you are not willing to spend money on these, then you can opt for the Identity V cheats that will allow you to have access to an unlimited amount of central funds to enjoy. Below the use of these currencies are mentioned to assist you in spending them wisely.

  • Clue: it is often known as the jigsaw currency. It can be obtained by playing the game with strategy and logical thinking. The clues can be used to buy and unlock the various new character of the game to play the game according to your strategy.
  • Fragments: It is mainly used to purchase the music in the game or the pets.
  • Inspiration: It is a type of currency that can be obtained either from the Logical path or in the exchange of the Echoes. Now you may have been thinking what echoes are then it is another premium currency which can only be purchased through real life money.
  • Echoes: As mentioned above that these can be acquired by purchasing them in exchange for the real money but here's an alternative you can use the Identity V hack to get the currency in an unlimited amount. One can exchange these to purchase anything in the game dice, characters, costumes, inspirations, anything.

Now that we have already talked about the different currencies of the games Why not have a glance at the key features and tips of the game.


The game will drive you crazy with its surprising features.

  • Puzzled and horror storyline
  • Game plot
  • Horrifying visual effects and much more.

These are some of the compelling features of the game that will force you to sink into its fantastic storyline.  Other unlocked features and characters can be unlocked by utilizing the currencies. To get unlimited currency, use the Identity V cheats, and enjoys various aspects.


If you are new to this game, you may find it complicated therefore you can follow the recapitulated tips to survive in the game.

  • Never skip tutorials

The first and the most important tip is to carefully see the tutorial as you will get to know about the story and the attacks more also you'll be rewarded with 20 clues on completing each other tutorial.

  • Keep the sound on

No matter which mode you are playing, it is always suggested to play the game while keeping the sound on. It will help you in surviving the game definitely because when the hunter is close, you will listen to the heartbeats so that you have the time to escape.

  • Don't decode the ciphers alone

It is better to decode the secret messages in a group or pair of two. It is because it will become way more comfortable with decoding them in less time. Also, in the game, the main task is to decode the cipher machines for your survivor. It can either be helpful or harmful depending on how you do the work. If you fail in decoding, then you guys are in danger as the hunter will get to know what you are up to.


Always keep in mind these few tips; these will help you to play the game in a better way. The plot of the game depends on you whether you decide to pay as a hunter or as another character. The game is worth playing if you are fond of horror situations.