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Hide Online Cheats - Quick Guide How To Get Coins


Hide online is a perfect game to have a thrilling experience of the same days when we use to play hide and seek with our friends. The publisher of the game creates this fantastic game for the ones who love to play the hide and seek games, but here the developer added a little bit of twist that it is an action game in which shooting is involved too.

Because of its unique gameplay, the game has hung up the mind of the people, and they are unable to resist playing the game. The overall game is free for the players to enjoy, however in the game; you need to collect the coins. For that, you need to spend the money, if not then use the Hide Online hack to get an unlimited number of coins.

The players so much love the game due to its fantastic gameplay. The game has reached such a massive height that it has almost crossed one million downloads from the Google play store. It is a multiplayer game that you can enjoy playing with your friends. You have two options, first is to play as a hunter and other is to act as a prop. If you play as a hunter, then you need to search for the props and shoot them. However, if you want to play as a prop, then it’s evident that you need to hide until the hunter finds you.



As mentioned above, that there is no such central fund in the game, but there are coins that need to be collected. However, it is easy to collect them while playing the game.

Apart from the coins, you need lives to play the game. For gaining countless lives in the game, you can use the Hide Online cheats and then you can play the game as many as times you want.

Apart from that, there are no such difficulties in the game as the concept is straightforward in its own. Regardless of the simplicity of the game, it is still a fascinating game.


Features of the game

Let’s have a look at the features of the game that keep its users stick to it. Below I have recapitulated all its incredible features to give a better understanding of the quality of the game.

In the game as explained already that there are two versions- first is the hunter and second is to play as a prop.

  • It is a multiplayer game that can be played with friends.
  • The hunter needs to find and eliminate as many as victims he/she can.
  • The pixel graphics of the game entice the users to try the game for once. Now some changes are made in the elements so that the interface looks more colorful.
  • Extremely easy to understand and play.



However, as per the simple gameplay of the game, no tips are required to learn the game, but still, I’m mentioning some of the tips that may help you if you need. Let’s have a look at some the tips that you can follow and make the achievements in the game

For Props

Here is one thing in the game that I haven’t still mentioned is that there is a feature in the game that you can use in the game. This feature transforms the hunter into some animal for a few couples of minutes. SO do use this feature at the time when you feel like that you are almost caught, and then you can utilize this time to change your hiding place.

 Try to switch into smaller items

Keeping the game sound will help you in finding the props to a greater extent, so, it becomes difficult for the hunter to find you. For example: if you transform yourself in something big then it is self-evident that it’ll be effortless for the hunter to find and shoot you. Try switching to a pen or some other food item instead.


These are the few quick, simple tips that you can use while playing the game. Rest the name of the game itself suggests how easy it is to play. Now, recapture the memories of playing hide and seek but slightly in a different way.