Gardenscapes Coins Hack – 50k Gems in 3mins

Gardenscapes Hack

If you enjoy gardening and dream of possessing an attractive garden, then you should start playing Gardenscapes: New Acres game. It is an interesting puzzle game wherein you will earn Stars that can be used for beautifying your garden. The game can be enjoyed by all age-groups. However, before you actually start playing the game, read the below mentioned features of Gardenscapes: New Acres so that your game becomes more enjoyable.

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Game features :

  • Stars will be required to complete the various garden tasks like installing benches, building a treehouse, etc. Stars can be earned by completing match 3 Levels. Try to collect as many Stars as possible and store them for future use.
  • Match 3 levels are interesting as well as challenging as you need to perform tasks like collecting tiles or dropping certain items.
  • The gnome statues are usually hiding behind the grass or a bright color hole. So, you need to look carefully and try to uncover them quickly.
  • As you progress in the game, you will come across puzzles that can be matched for more than 3. Especially after you cross Level 7, you need to play with a lot of concentration and try to set up a four chain.
  • Unlock as many power-ups as you can like shovels, rainbow, explosives, etc. Among them, shovels are the most helpful power-up as they will let you dig up a tile anywhere on the board.
  • You will come across few levels in the game that have a fixed number of turns for completing goals. Whereas some levels are time-based, so you need to keep a track of them.
  • At each completed level, you can earn 50-70 coins, which can be further used for purchasing some more shovels or getting extra moves. However, you cannot play the same level again to earn more coins. However the easiest way is to use this Gardenscapes hack and generate as much coins as you wish.

Use Our Gardenscapes Tips And Tricks And Make Your Game Simpler!

Play Strategically: In Gardenscapes game, you will come across tricky stages as soon as you reach Level 8. It is important to think one step ahead in the game so that you can reach advanced levels swiftly. Do not rush through the levels; take your time by examining the board and try to match more than three in a chain.

Save The Currencies: Coins are the main currency of the game that will let you buy Shovel power up. Try to spend Coins for buying Shovels rather than other power ups. This is because some other power up will give you a head start but lots of Shovels will help you in completing the level quickly. A Shovel enables you to dig up one tile anywhere on the board. So, this can be really helpful when you are stuck up at a tough stage. However you can always get unlimited Coins with our Gardenscapes Hack.

Use The Rainbow Blasts At The Right Time: It must be really tempting to use the rainbow blast that is highlighted on the board. However, using it at the right time will be the best choice. For instance, you can use the rainbow blast for getting a gnome out of the corner of the board.

And even more Tips and Tricks

Search For Gnomes: Gnomes are hidden in places that are really difficult to find on the board. So, you need to look carefully to find the gnomes that are located behind grasses. The best way to locate them easily is by cutting the grass to its thinnest layer. Once done, all those white lights in the holes are gnomes, so go and catch them now!

Play At Ease: In comparison to the genre of Match-3 games, Gardenscapes is a bit different as there is no time limit in the levels. So, you can play without worrying about the time getting over. Take this feature as an advantage, because you can now think well and try making several matches of four instead of settling for a match-3 combo.

Complete Your Goal: Ensure that you try hard to complete your goal carefully and effectively. Some players get occupied in matching other pieces than the one mentioned in the goal. This will only waste time and moves. For instance, if you goal is to collect cherries then you should focus only on matching cherries. Use several power-ups carefully that can help in making you complete your goal efficiently.

Listed Below Are Some Effective Tips On How To Use Various Power-Ups:

Firecracker Power-Up: You can create the firecracker power-up by matching four pieces of the same type. The power-up explodes in a cross-shaped form within a radius of one tile and to make an explosion with this power-up; you need to swap it with any other piece.

Bomb Power-Up: When you match five pieces in the shape of a “T” or “L”, you can create the Bomb power-up. To create an explosion with this power-up, you need to swap it with any other piece on the board or you can double-tap it. The explosion will be within a two tile radius.

Rainbow Power-Up: The Rainbow Power-Up is pretty different than the rest of the power-ups available in the game. This is because the Rainbow Power-Up cannot be created by matching pieces. To charge this power-up, you need to play any one of the other power-ups. As soon as the Rainbow Power-up gets fully charged, it falls on a random part of the board. To remove all pieces of that type, you need to swap it with an adjacent piece on the board.

Even more Power-Up tips

Dynamite Power-Up: If you want to create a dynamite power-up then you have to match six pieces together. The dynamite power-up will get rid of all pieces within a three tile radius. To activate this power-up, you need to swap it with nearby pieces or double tap it.

TNT Barrel Power-Up: In comparison to other power-ups, the TNT Barrel power-up is the most powerful one. To create this power-up, you need to match seven pieces or more together. Creating the TNT Barrel power-up won’t be easy, so it is vital to use it at the right time and at the right place. Remember that you should not make use of this power-up at the corner of the board as that will waste its effectiveness.


Overall, Gardenscapes: New Acres is an engrossing game with innumerable challenges to keep you hooked to the screens. Some of these challenges are digging dirt to earn hidden emeralds, collecting flower tiles by filling a stationary flowerbox, and some more unique stuff to be done. So, you can certainly give it a shot at your free time. Have fun! If you don’t have this game yet, feel free to get it on your phone on Appstore or Googleplay !

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