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Game of Sultans Cheats and Review: Be An Ideal Ruler!

Game of Sultans is an empire building role-playing game where you can enjoy the life of a sultan of Europe and Middle Eastern kingdom. Also, you can experience immersive and brutal wars, different military strategies, empire management, political diplomacy, and much more in just one game! If you wish to live life of a Sultan, then have a look at the below mentioned review and know more about Gold, Grains, Diamonds, etc.

Game Of Sultans Currencies:


It is one of the most important resources in the game as Gold can be used to upgrade your viziers and also to purchase and improve your war cannons and other equipment. You can earn Gold by completing quests or acquire them in the form of taxes. However, collecting a substantial amount of Gold is a daunting task. A better solution is to make use of Game of Sultans Hack for gathering Gold as you can instantly generate infinite amount of Gold effortlessly.


Grains are an important resource as it is required to add more soldiers in your army. In order to be a strong Sultan and to build a stronger kingdom, you need to have lots of soldiers in your defense force. You can obtain Grains from Imperial Parliament, taxes, imperial affairs, etc. but it will not be enough to feed your massive army of soldiers. Alternatively, you can make use of Game of Sultans Cheats as it lets you obtain unlimited Grains, which can help in building a huge army.



Diamonds are the premium game currency, which can be used to host feasts, expand heirs and viziers, learn secrets, etc. You can earn small amounts of Diamonds in the form of rewards from different events and achievements or you can purchase it from the game store with real money. However, if you are using Game of Sultans hack then you need not worry as it will help you to procure innumerable Diamonds within a few seconds. In short, hacks will save you from the headache of earning currencies for running the kingdom; thus, letting you have more time to explore and enjoy the game play.

Important Elements Of Game Of Sultans That Enhances The Gaming Experience:

Imperial Parliament:

It is a very important building, which is located in the center of your kingdom. You can view the imperial affairs that are awaiting or the pending levies by accessing the Imperial Parliament tab. By increasing or decreasing levy, you can control your important resources and take care of imperial affairs, which will make you a better sultan. So, it is recommended to visit Imperial Parliament every now-and-then to attend these matters on priority.


A wise sultan never takes all the decisions alone, as he depends on the council of his wise viziers. In this game, you can unlock different viziers wherein each vizier is a master in a certain field. For instance; some viziers are military strategist and are an excellent choice when it comes to military council, while some are statesmen who can be sought for maintaining harmonious relations with other kingdoms. Moreover, you can increase the abilities of your viziers by leveling up their consorts and gifting books to them.


It is rightly quoted that ‘United we Stand, Divided we Fall!’ In order to help each other at the times of war and distress, you can take part in alliances. You can either choose to create an alliance or join an existing one, but remember that every member of an alliance receives help from other members during times of need.

To conclude, the aforesaid vital aspects will help you in succeeding quickly in Game of Sultans, so use them and have a wonderful gaming experience.

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