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Dragon Nest M Cheats - Best Way To Get Diamonds

Dragon Nest M is here representing the most addicted three dimensional games with the same experience on the mobile just as the PCs. The game so amazingly developed by the creator of the Shanda games. The developer has made a complete package of fun and excitement to offer more to their players. The game is one of the longest games that continue in the history of mobile games that have ever made to gain the hype.

The game features a considerable range of characters, looks, customizations power-ups and much more. Its remarkable storyline will entice you in its gameplay too much extent. So are you ready to delve into the elements of the game? If yes then below a bunch of information is reiterated regarding the game to give you guys a better idea.

Before starting the game, I would recommend you to utilize the Dragon Nest M hack from the start. It is because by having access to a generous amount of funds in your account will eliminate all the issues of collecting and managing the funds in the game.


There are several classes in the game that are divided into different categories’ according to their skills. These various characters are named as the Warrior, Assassin, and Archer, Academic, Cleric, and the sorceress. These characters are having different skills, such as strength, intelligence, vitality, and agility. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the style according to your requirements in the battle.


There are numerous crusades in the game that are available to the players from time to time. Some of the quests are available daily that you can play and earn a good amount of funds and other random rewards. Apart from that there are bounty quests that consist of a variety of tasks in the game to be completed by the players. These quests are a good source of earning some credits in the game.  Therefore, keep in mind to check and complete the number of quests you see daily.

Leveling up

Some of the players find it very difficult to level up them in the game but do you know that there are some incredible ways by which you can get promoted to the next level in no time. But for that you will require a vast number of Battle points in the game. In order to sort the problem then you can get the Battle points by playing the battles, or spending the real money. However, spending real money is not the best idea if you can get the BP’s completely free of cost. It is only possible by making the use of the Dragon Nest M cheats. The cheats will allow you to get access to an unlimited amount of battle points which you can further use to level up yourself.


There are few of the in-game funds in the game that the players require to keep the collection of. These funds are coins and gold.

Coins: The coins are one of the essential credits in the Dragon Nest that are required to purchase the stamina for your heroes. However, in order to collect a good amount of coins here are some of the ways that you can opt:

  • Top up through the diamonds. You can exchange 100 diamonds for getting 100 coins.
  • Collecting daily rewards. You can get 50 coins for signing in the game daily. Therefore regardless of you play the game or not, make sure to log-in into the game daily. You will soon collect enough amounts of coins.
  • Play the boss challenge daily.

Gold: It is another most essential currency in the game. IT can be earned through some ways in the game that are:

  • Grabbing the gold chest and gold temple
  • Playing daily quest.
  • Real money
  • Dragon Nest M hack to get a generous amount of gold.

These are some of the ways to get access to the funds in the game. So, fight the battles in the journey to become the ultimate prodigy.