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Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball is one of the well known names worldwide from the Japanese animation series. No doubt that there are millions of fans of this. It is easy to find that there are so many awesome games developed on it which can make you get the experience of something different. Well, Dragon ball Legends is a popular mobile title from Bandai Namco which is developed and designed for iOS and Android devices.

It is a free to play game with plenty of amazing features including the in-app purchases for resources. All the things will help you progress faster and become an advanced gamer in no time. If you want to be the best and don’t want to face any sort of issue then this guide will help you out. Additionally, you will be focusing on resources so if you feel that you can’t progress due to lack of resources, don’t worry. With the use of Dragon Ball Legends Cheats, you can acquire sufficient amount of crystals and other resources.

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How to hack?

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Learn the Key Basics

This game comes with a huge number of features as well as a tutorial to help you learning the basics. With the help of this tutorial, you can know the method to begin and it will help learning the UI of game. Most of the gamers who start playing this game for the first time should not skip any of tutorials. These are going to help you in the beginner stages and learning the basics.

On the other hand, there are many stages of the game where you can learn advanced things from tweaks. As much as you pay attention to such factors, the more you learn. Even gamer who skip it all and try hard method always lose in later stages. It is really an important thing that you should consider while getting started to avoid getting into issues.

Know Your Heroes

There are so many heroes offered by the developers that they divided all into many categories. The first one are basic heroes. These are easy to obtain but you need to spend little bit time learning the moves and method to play with them. These basic heroes can be replaced in the later stages and you can pretty much use resources to do it fast. With Dragon Ball Legends Hack, you can acquire resources as well as get the hero of need in no time.

  • Goku – The Presuper saiyan from the siyan saga is Goku, well known for Z abilities and attack power. The Z ability is Z ability for Goku but the unique ability of this character is rage or the blast attack +. It is the reason that Goku is wideluy preferred among all other basic heroes.
  • Gohan – It is a ranged type character with many abilities. The best ability is to confront which makes him better than other characters. You can find most of the ability of Goahn similar to Goku like Z is Z but the unique ability of this character is Double Team.
  • Krillin – It’s a defense type character from the saiyan saga. This character really comes handy to protect you and be the best in this game. Just by using krilin, one can easily win most of the battles due to its defensive nature. Even becoming the best without such player isn’t possible at all that’s why you can rely on it.

There are many more basic characters in the game that can easily make you feel amazed and you will love to try them out for sure. However, you should keep on changing characters and going to new one as soon as possible. Despite the fact that changing fast is important, you should learn to use the powers too.

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Learning About the Basic Heroes

A game which offers some of the best heroes that can help you progress at a faster rate is Dragon Ball Legends. Here, you can find several characters to unlock and the best ones are as follow to unlock –

  • Goku (Ranged Type)
  • Gohan
  • Krillin
  • Raditz
  • Saibaman
  • Vegeta
  • Zarbon
  • Dodaria
  • Guldo
  • Burter
  • Jeice
  • Recoome

These are some of the main characters that you can find. Even, there are many other characters to unlock. Each one has its own abilities and unique moves which can help you progress at a better range for sure.

Do Not Miss Going on Adventure

In this game, you need to focus on the adventure section because it matters a lot in progression. You can try sending all the extra characters on their adventure, and they will go for some time and come with extra loot. This is an effective way to earn a free lot, and you can consider it one of the easy choices to progress. Sending any of the members from the core is a better option, and you can consider it quite a better option for sure.

If all the characters are not available in the core, then you won’t be able to use them. You have to choose any other character in such situations, so you should stay selective while choosing the heroes for your adventure trip. It is always hard to progress without having all the important characters. By following this tip, you can earn extra loot and avoid chances of getting into any kind of issue.

Mastering Combat System For Better gameplay

Combat system plays one of the important parts in this game toward the progression section. It makes you an advanced gamer, and you can earn extra from the same. The unique combat battle system is effective and easy to understand. That’s why you can consider it. You need to start with the basic attacks and take over the opponent. That’s why it is an easy and highly reliable option.

During the first try, make sure that you go slow and learn the basics of it. You will learn how to battle and how to keep on getting better with the time. In case the opponent is trying to hit, then you can swipe to move, and then you are able to hit back. It is an effective and most reliable option to consider over the other ones.

The stunning way to conquer the battle

All the battles in the game take place in the sky, so in that case, they will surely need some skill to defeat. At the start of a battle, move a little bit in front of the enemy, this will help you to know that where they will more, then start with the small attacks like foe’s range attack. If you have stored some of Ki power, which will surely help to activate art cards to defeat the enemy with full power.

Challenges according to story chapters

The mission that Dragon Ball Legends will provide is a story-based mission, so you have to cross all seven challenges to get the total reward. With every challenge, you will get some of the rewards like Chrono crystals. At the end of all seven challenges, you will have 21 Chrono crystals. You will also provide ten rare medals, which will help you to unlock rare materials. With PvP matches, you can get more medals, which will help you to unlock different techniques and powers.

Knowledge about the characters

Each character has its own specialty according to the power they have, so they are divided into four classes, which are defense, ranged melee, and support. And the other thing that you have to notice before playing is the element, class type, and rarity level. This will help you to defect the enemies with full strength. You can easily know the best characters that will be helpful by playing it more.

Work of elements?

When you come this far in the game, you’re almost ready to fight your first battle and defeat the enemies. Each character has its unique element, which can be noticed by the color code. The main color that is used is yellow, blue, purple, green, and red. Each has a different kind of defending power and strategy. You should have a good mixture of colors while going into a battle, make sure which color is showing in their profile so that you can go with a strong opponent.


  1. Goku

A ranged type character with great abilities in this game is Goku. It has the pre-super Saiyan Goku abilities from the Saiyan Saga. The main abilities of these characters are Mundane that can take over the opponent, and it will make you one of the advanced gamer. The unique abilities of the character are Strike, Blast, Pose I, and Kamehameha.

  1. Gohan

One of the unique and advanced character in this game in Gohan with superb abilities. He is the son of basic Goku, and there are some of the great abilities of the same. This character can fight till last; even he starts to cry. The courage to confront is the main skill that can push you way ahead from the opponent. These are some of the great advantages to unlock this character.

  1. Saibaman

In case you want any supportive character in the team or in the core at the beginner stage, then you can consider going with the Saibaman. This character is from the Saiyan Saga also. This character has the same power as the Raditz, which enhances the overall abilities, and it can make you choose this character over the other ones.

  1. Krillin

A defense type character is always necessary for the core team, and you can expect such high abilities from the Krillin. It is the low tier hero, and the main ability of this character is the result of training and the Z ability. You can expect the reduce damage, and the best part is, his arts mainly have a strike, Destructo-Disc, Blast, and Unlock Ki. This is a form of life.

  1. Raditz

A melee type character with superb abilities to take over the opponent is a killer from Raditz. It is the most powerful character from the Saiyan Saga. Even if this character is in the lowest tier of the game, the main ability is a ruthless invader. Even this character posses Z ability I. The unique abilities of this character are abut-super warrior attacks.

Piccolo (Defence Type)

If you look at all the defense type characters, then you can find several good things like they can buy you enough time. Well, the same goes for Piccolo. The key skills of Piccolo are Demon Willpower and the Z ability I. This character can cover and take lots of damage. Due to this unique ability, this character is considered as the best one. It is the first character in our list because you can unlock it quite easily and take over the opponent.

Paikuhan (Melee Type)

Melee Type characters are some of the advanced one, and they have great abilities. While playing this game, you can find Paikuhan. This nose missing character stand-in from the first movie, and here, he got some of the great moves in the game. The main ability of this character is buying time and the Z ability. The abilities of Paikuhan doesn’t end here. The option to take over an opponent by blasts give you the maximum power, and you can win with ease.

Goku (Defence Type)

All the characters which possess high-end defense are always better to select. Goku, the key attraction of this game, has the defense type of nature. There are two appearances of the same character in this list. The last hope and the Z ability I are two main character sticks of the same character. The ability to take down an opponent in a couple of seconds ensures the best nature. As there are two different tiers so you can easily find two different advantages

Super Saiyan Goku (Ranged Type)

Ranged type characters are best for the offensive nature because they can do the series damage on the opponent. The blonde version of Goku is available now, and it is called Super Saiyan Goku. The great ability of this character is Blast. “My Turn and Z ability I” are some of the best skills which can help you take the lead and become the best gamer in a couple of minutes. This version is super hard to attain, but if you focus on experience and spend most of the time upgrading, then you are able to unlock all these abilities with ease.

Mastering Combat

By wining in most of the stages, you can’t call yourself as the master of this game. You need to learn the method to master combat. With the help of all characters of this game, you should learn the new attacks but using all of them wisely is important. Start by mastering the combat which can be done by making an effective strategy. You should start by choosing the right character of need and then upgrading them to stay away from most of the issues. On the other hand, it will help you should try to spend your resources wisely on characters to avoid issues.

Getting perfect with the controls

Just a simple thing that you should try is to master your controls in-game. This will help you to get the victory in less time. Start with the basic attacks, but after a little time, try to get their step by step. Not only this will help you to be fast. However, it will surely be helpful in hard stages. If you are a little closer to the enemy, try to make a punch. Make sure that the actions will be quick if you are going to swipe up to dash because that can leave esteemed attacks.

Adventure Trips

In this game, you can send your characters on an adventure trip, which is an effective method to progress at a faster rate and getting some loot. As your characters will be on an adventure, they will bring loot, which an effective method to earn more currencies. Always consider sending the extra and low tier characters on the loot or adventure.

Alongside this tip, you should keep it in mind that you do send any hero or character which is from the main team because you won’t be able to summon that character in the battle. In such situations, you need to focus on playing with any other character, which can make everything hard and increase the chances of losing.

Bottom Line

If you are not able to progress due to currencies, the Dragon Ball Legends Cheats can provide you resources. It is effective as well as reliable option to go with. Even becoming an expert gamer in no time is possible too. Hope, this guide will help you out choosing the right hero and obtaining required amount of in-game currency.

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