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Earn Zeni And Dragon Stones With Our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats!

If you are unable to earn Zeni and Dragon Stones in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game then you should consider using hacks and cheat codes. Our gaming experts have devised a 100% working hack that will let you acquire unlimited in-game currencies swiftly. Moreover, by making use of our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack, all your gaming worries will be solved instantly. Here’s how!


Zeni is the primary currency of the game that is used for increasing stats of your gaming character.

How To Earn Zeni?

  • You can earn Zeni by participating in the FP summons and Hercule Events. These events will let you earn about 200k Zenis effortlessly. However, ensure that you have enough stamina to complete the event.
  • Complete various missions in the game for earning Zeni and Awakening Items as rewards.
  • When you kill opponents in the battlefield, you earn Zenis.
  • Unlimited amount of Zenis can be earned by making use of our smart Dokkan Battle hack.

Dragon Stones:

Dragon Stones are the premium currency of the game that can be used for buying special in-game characters. Moreover, you will even require Dragon Stones for restoring your character’s stamina.

How To Earn Dragon Stones?

  • When you collect seven Dragon Balls in the game, you can make a wish. This wish will let you acquire plenty of Dragon Stones.
  • Daily login rewards can also be earned in the form of Dragon Stones.
  • You can generate infinite amount of Dragon Stones by making use of our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack.
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    Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is an entertaining game that makes use of board game mechanics and allows you to use power-ups and in-game currencies to make your team the strongest one.

    Acquiring Dragon Stones and Zeni; the in-game currencies is not easy at all. You can earn Zeni by landing at the Grey coin, but it is available in limited quantities. Another way to procure in-game currency is by running the Hercules Zeni event on weekends. However, a guide that will help you in procuring infinite amount of game currencies is of utmost importance. So, here it is!

    Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones And Zeni Guide

    An easy way to save the in-game currency is by procuring lots of Experience Points by matching colors while training. For instance, to train a blue fighter, make use of other blue fighters.
    If you have received a Dragon Stone for a rare summon then do it! You may end up getting a stronger replacement fighter.

    Keep an eye on the events by checking the top of the quest map. Events are a great way to earn in-game currency as well as some rare fighters.

    Once you reach the board for a stage, you will come across a bunch of different variables. Among these, the Blue spaces will award you with Zeni or more Ki for one of your characters.
    You can make use of Friend Points to summon common characters, whereas the Dragon Stones can be used to summon the rare ones. Dragon Stones can be acquired by completing a quest or beating a boss on the first try. You will require five or more Dragon Stones to summon any character in the game.