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Design Home Hack

Design Home is a smartphone game developed by Crowdstar Inc for iOS and Android devices. This multiplatform freemium gives you tasks along with instructions or guidelines that you must follow. Completing a task gives you cash and diamonds. Both are in-game virtual currency, required to buy furniture, décor items, and more.

You keep unlocking better stuff and using the same to create a beautiful theme. The early-stage gamers mostly give up due to the lack of diamonds and cash in this game. Most probably, the common issue gamers feel during the play is the need to spend real money on the purchases of game currency.

To avoid spending money, consideration of below mentioned top 5 tips along with Design Home hack and bonus tips could help you out. The main motive is you learn to keep patience and then earn currencies. Spending them wisely is also an essential aspect to pay your concerns.


Place the desired pieces of furniture here that you think will go well with the color theme of the rooms. But to purchase the infrastructure, you will require enough amounts of funds in the game so that you can go for the things you like. If you are not good at collecting the funds, then it is better to opt for the Design Home cheats right from the start. Thereby you will not get stuck at any moment because of the credits.

Now that we are talking about the funds in the game, then why not discuss all of them here to get to know about them a little more.

In-game credits

There are several funds in the game that the players need to keep the management of. These funds are the keys, diamonds, cash, and stars. These are an indispensable part of the game around which the whole game revolves around. To obtain these credits in the game faster, here are a few tips that you can follow:

Daily challenges

There are a few challenges that get updated daily in the game. These daily challenges are a good source of obtaining enough amounts of funds to play the game. The challenges consist of multiple levels that reward you with different pieces of currencies.

 Promotional stuff

When you don’t find any of these ways useful for you to provide you with enough amounts of funds, then the promotional pieces of stuff are the alternatives. You can watch the promotional video ads that are in the game.


Certain events are organized in the game participating in which you can obtain the right amount of funds.

Exchanging them with money

The other alternative to get a liberal amount of the credits is to exchange them with real life money.

When you collect a generous amount of funds, you can spend them on purchasing and unlocking new stuff in the game to make your design even more breathtaking.

Apart from all of these, if you are not interested in racking your brains into all the above stuff, then it is better to make the use of the Design Home hack and catch hold of an unlimited amount of currencies.


To make faster progress in the game below some tips are reiterated below to help you through the gameplay:

In the very start of the game, you will be offered many free items that you can use to design the home. It is suggested to take these items even if they don’t fit in the aura of your style, as you don’t know when they can be useful further.

Make little purchases at one time, so that you don’t run out of cash. However, if you want to go mad at shopping the stuff, then it is better that you first make the use of the Design Home Cheats.

Purchase only those things that you can use with multiple themes because some pieces of stuff only look cool when you first see them but don’t fit with the many of the themes. Therefore, make your choices wisely so that the items don’t remain unused there in your inventory.

How does it work? Learn the basics

Apparently, the game is divided into three categories, the first one is to design, second is to earn and collect, the last one is spending your currencies wisely. Players of the game enter a plethora of challenges. Simply, they are rooms in a home, and each one requires decoration. You need to figure out the best as per your vision.

In some cases, you can find other places to decorate, such as TV studio, Hotel lobby, and more. Players choose items, new stuff, color scheme, and look after pieces of furniture to place at the right place. Placing everything in the right manner and saving space allow taking advantage for sure.

It takes some time finding the right object, and after completing it, players earn room design costs in terms of cash and diamonds. Even, there is a limit that you need to spend in this game to pass a certain level. For example, level 1 requires you to spend $2000, then you must spend at list this amount to complete the level.

Several items are offered by the game to use for free, and it can help with the décor and coming up with the perfect ideas. This is an important aspect to consider.

Uses of Cash, Diamonds, and Keys

As mentioned earlier, there are two main currencies of the game, Cash and Diamond. Meanwhile, progressing through the level, developers will introduce you to keys also. So, there are three overall currencies to look after. Each one is to begin playing through levels. You might wonder the use. Let’s explore –


The main use of cash is in the purchase of furniture and expensive stuff in the room. Cash is also called Dollar in this game. You get dollars when you enter the room, and most of the events are going to pay you $500. On the other hand, if you look after the other events, you can expect $2500. Special series events are also introduced in this game, and they are offering around $1000, to begin with.


The second currency, also the premium one in this game, is diamond. It is required for the purchase of décor items, accessories, plants, and such other stuff. You can’t convert cash into the diamond to get it. Even, there are some premium furniture items that you can unlock with diamonds only. It is the only currency that you earn; it isn’t paid by the game or any event while entering the room. So, it is hard to earn but you can to try Design Home Hack. The only way to earn a diamond is getting a daily bonus of 500 diamonds. It is easy to progress in this game.


The last currency of this game is Key. It is required to unlock events, and it has the only function of opening rooms to decorate for you. The common events cost around 25 keys, and you can get 20 keys on a daily basis. You can vote on challenges to get more. Diamond is also an alternative to keys that can help you enter the event. If you have no currency, then Design Home Cheats seem like an effective alternative. It works perfectly, and it can provide you whatever you want to attain.

These three currencies matter a lot with the progression, and you need to spend them wisely for effective progression.

Unlocking Items, Using them and Limits

Once you enter a room and unlock new furniture or any kind of item with existing currency, you must know that you can use an item five times only. This limit works for every item, and you can’t upgrade it. So, if you are playing a simple event and willing to use premium furniture then you must think about it.

Spending your premium item in the simple room might be a mistake because you will not pass hard levels if you don’t have money or furniture to put expensive furniture set in the room. You need to come up with a strategy like using simple furniture in common rooms, and if it is an expensive lobby or event, then you can use expensive stuff in the room.

Plan out your strategy and must remember it is hard to obtain enough diamonds and buying the premium item again.

Always spend money smartly

Earning money is little difficult in the game, and that’s why players should always manage funds smartly. They shouldn’t overspend the money to get the types of furniture items that they see in front of them. It is important to make a good strategy for players to spend money on furniture and other items or by getting Design Home Hack. If you have enough money and you can afford the expensive items, then you should opt for them. And that’s why it is advised for players to earn more money. They also need to focus on improving the star score along with earning money.

Play the game on a daily basis

Players should always play the game on a daily basis in order to collect the required funds. When you open the game daily, then you are able to claim free rewards. The game developers offer log in rewards for gamers that they should claim to load their account with unlimited funds. At the initial stages, it is hard to earn money, but later players should keep patience. Keep playing the game and designing your home in order to level up faster and in no time.

Always keep voting

When you play Design Home, then you should also focus on the voting concept. It will never waste your time because casting five votes help players to get three keys. With the help of using keys, players can submit designs. Every player should vote because the judges also make a decision according to the votes. Players shouldn’t rush through their votes. They should play a fair game, which means it is important to vote for your personal favorite instead of making the wrong use of it.

Try to make friends

Players should always try to make more and more friends in the game to enjoy some perks. When you make a lot of friends, then you can also get their assistance while playing the game. You can borrow their stuff that is really helpful. When you decorate a kitchen or other rooms, then you may run out of the items that are suitable for your theme. Some players are also unable to afford these items, and that’s why they should borrow them from their friends instead of getting disappointed.

By using all the aforesaid tips, players can design a home with perfection to get better scores. They should also manage the funds along with focusing on other aspects.

Take part in daily challenges

The game developers offer various challenges that players should complete in order to get funds in the form of rewards. Try to earn a good amount of cash so that you can spend it later to get the desired items for the decoration of your home. Complete the daily challenges as early as you can in order to gain the desired funds. After acquiring cash, you should always spend it smartly to get the items that you really want to make your home look beautiful.

Make use of diamonds

When you struggle with the shortage of in-game currencies, then spending the real money can help you out. If you are unable to afford it, then you should opt for exchanging currencies. When you have a good number of diamonds, then you can easily exchange them for getting the cash in order to meet your requirements. Use the best out of the exchange feature to get advantages. You just need to focus on earning diamonds instead of cash. And then get cash by spending diamonds while using the exchange feature.

Watch advertisements and complete offers

To gain more funds, players need to use the best strategy that has been suggested by experts. Players should watch online advertisements in order to get rewards in the form of cash and diamonds. Along with it and with Design Home Mod, players should also focus on completing the other offers available in the game. You should always remember this tip because it is really helpful to acquire diamonds and other currencies. Keep implementing this tip to increase your funds.

Claim the daily rewards

Players shouldn’t forget to claim the daily rewards while playing the game. When they open the game, then they will be provided with plenty of rewards. Try to claim your login bonus daily to load your account with a significant amount of diamonds and cash. Keep collecting the funds to make your task easier. Having in-game currencies allows players to buy the desired stuff or furniture to decorate the home.

Enter challenges

When the game begins, you will be provided with several challenges to take part in. To enter a challenge, players need to place some furniture, which is only possible with the help of clicking on the colored bubbles. After clicking on the bubble, you will get the options of the furniture that you own and the items which are available for sale. The blue bubbles are important, and if the items in these bubbles are placed, then you are able to take part in the challenges.

You also have an option to filter the items on the basis of their colors, brands as well as styles. In this way, you can easily find the desired item without struggling with a lot of issues.

Make purchases by spending cash

At every stage of the game, you may need to buy furniture as well as other in-game items. When you visit the game shop, then you can see the items which are available for sale. You should buy the items that you require to make your home look beautiful. Players should always prefer to buy the items with cash instead of spending diamonds. With the help of this, you can save up a good number of diamonds that you can use later to buy décor items.

Diamonds and cash are the virtual currencies, but cash can be earned in an easy manner, whereas it takes a lot of time to earn diamonds. And that’s why beginners should always invest cash instead of diamonds to purchase various items from the store. Diamonds should be used to buy the accessory items as well as décor items so by using Design Home Hack.

Tips for buying décor items

After acquiring enough funds, players should spend them wisely to buy décor items. Many décor items are available in the store, but all of them are not the same. And that’s why players should pick the items which are suitable for different room styles as well as color themes. Also, know about the cost of different items and then pick the right ones that you can afford with ease. The use of right décor items can enhance the look of your home.

Learn the UI first

As this is a designing game with lots of furniture, décor items, and additional tweaks, finding the perfect item is little bit typical. You need to teach the UI first, which will help you to find the right stuff to design a room. Even if you are working on a long project, you must know how to buy new furniture and what to consider. Matching theme and décor are important, but they are not as important as much as UI. Gamers who know the basics can bring their creativity out and make beautiful creations.

Check out the tips for success

Getting the highest scores is not possible without making a good strategy, and that’s why beginners should always make a plan to get started. Having enough funds to buy expensive items is not enough because you also need to be smart with the designs. Also, focus on the other tips and tricks that have been provided in the below-given points.

Log in daily – Players should always log in the game daily in order to grab the better rewards. They can acquire cash and diamonds in the form of rewards that they can use later to make improvements or to buy the desired décor items.

Spend diamonds wisely – Earning diamonds is not a piece of cake, and that’s why it becomes important for players to spend them wisely. Having enough diamonds allow players to get the best décor items from the store to improve the look of a home.

Cheap furniture – There are many furniture items in the game that players should buy to decorate different rooms. Instead of buying expensive furniture, players should opt for cheap furniture to save cash and other currencies.

Borrow items – players, can also borrow various décor items from their friends. First of all, they should make some friends and then they can ask them for their items. With the help of this and with Design Home Cheats, you can save money and enjoy other perks.



Thus, progressing effectively through the level might be a typical task without enough cash, diamonds, and keys. A single-use of a Design Home hack can put you in advantage and help to earn lots of resources.

It is up to you how you spend it now, but makes sure to come up with an effective strategy to avoid any problem. There is no need to mind the lack of currencies because it requires some patience and earning of enough currencies to get started again.

After obtaining enough resources, you are back to the track. This game help is boosting your creative skills and keep on getting better at décor so you can rely on it.

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