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CSR Racing 2 is the #1 drag racing game that brings hyper realistic graphics and intense racing experience in the palm of your hand. In the game, you can drive your favorite supercars and compete with other players around the world. CSR Racing 2 game always aims at bringing something new to their players and with this series; you can enjoy the game in AR mode.

It is impossible to succeed in the game without earning enough in-game currencies. Here are some vital details of the gaming currencies and tips to earn them in huge amounts.


It is the main game currency that can be used to purchase new vehicles or upgrade existing ones. Earning Cash is simple as you can earn them by completing various single races as well as by winning multiplayer races. Accumulating enough Cash to purchase vehicles or upgrades takes time, so you need to be a little patient.


It is the secondary game currency, which can be used to purchase special or legendary vehicles that cannot be bought with Cash. It is also stronger than Cash as you can use Gold to unlock cars before you reach a certain level. Earning Gold is not that easy as you will receive them only during race events and by reaching new levels. Another way of acquiring Gold is by purchasing them from the game store.


There are three types of Keys in the game; i.e. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can use these keys to unlock different crates, which contains Cash, Gold, and other performance upgrades. You can earn Keys by participating in live race events and by completing daily quests.

Here are some tricks that you can follow in order to earn the in-game currencies quickly in CSR Racing 2 game.

Daily Tasks

They are the best source for earning game currencies in CSR Racing 2. Every day you will be given few tasks that have to be completed in order to earn game currency. If you manage to complete all of them then you will be awarded with additional bonus.

Free Bonus

The game provides bonuses to those who login to the game on daily basis. The bonus keeps increasing for every successive day, so logging to the game daily can make you earn currencies easily. The game also features ‘import garage’ where you can visit every four hours in order to get a freebie.

Live Race Events

You will receive gaming money for playing single player and multiplayer races. Single player races provide experience too while multiplayer races will give loads of in-game currencies, since you are competing with real-time players. Participating in real-time race events can be rewarding as you can participate in multiple races and receive rewards for every race that you win.

The above mentioned methods will help you in collecting game currencies swiftly but you will have to invest lots of hours in collecting enough amounts for acquiring the best vehicles. Another option available is to spend real money on micro-transactions. However, if you wish to enjoy CSR Racing 2 game without spending your valuable time or money then you should use CSR Racing 2 Cheats. CSR Racing Hack is an amazing program, which gives the users infinite amount of Cash, Gold, and Keys.

Listed below are some important features of CSR Racing 2, which makes it immensely popular among online gamers.


A racing game is incomplete without a fantastic collection of cars. CSR Racing 2 game has more than 200 licensed cars for you to choose and play. These cars are from the best vehicle manufacturers such as; Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, etc. The game also features 16 legendary sports cars, which includes; McLaren P1, LaFerrari, Bugatti EB110 Super Sport, and many more.


The game offers multiple customization options such as; paints, rims, brake calipers, interior trim, and more. These customization options can enhance the performance of your favorite vehicle and at the same time make it look stunning.


The game uses advanced 3D rendering technology, which shows graphics like never before. All cars in the game are very well-designed and the developers have taken care of the minutest of details in order to give the cars a more realistic look. If you have ever played CSR Racing game series then you will know that graphics of racing games cannot be more real than this one!

Game Modes

The game features single player and multiplayer game modes where you can race on different tracks. You will begin the game as a Rookie and progress to the Pro status by completing different single player drag races and challenges. In multiplayer game mode, you can challenge other online players or even their friends for a quick drag race or participate in race events where you will compete against thousands of racers from across the world.

To conclude, CSR Racing 2 game has the potential to keep you occupied for several months. Moreover, if you consider using CSR Racing Hacking tool then you can generate currencies instantly and take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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