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Creative Destruction – A Complete Cheats and Game Guide

By playing the Creative Destruction, we can enjoy the survival concept with action content. In the game, the players need to put efforts and try to eliminate the opponents as fast as possible. For such a task, we are required to take help from different types of weapons.

With it, the players need to be focused on the currency collection. The collection funds help us in unlocking different types of impressive things and providing lots of benefits. Creative Destruction hack is also a good source to generate funds quickly. Upcoming details can help use getting details about the game.

Mode guide

The game is designed by adding different types of modes. Mainly there are two modes classified such as – “defend the captain” and “classic mode."  In both modes, we have different types of objectives. We need to achieve them as fast as possible.

Achieving objectives is completely based on the skills of players. If we talk about the classic mode, then we can see three options such as –

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Squad

In case of defend the captain, the players need to kill all captains as quick as possible. For the better performance, the players need to take help from the shooting skills properly.

Landing guide

Landing is the first step and an important part of the battle. We need to choose the landing area properly and by paying attention to lots of things. With it, the players can avail the services from the "follow" feature when they are playing in squad or duo mode. In this particular way, the complete team is able to land in the same place without any kind of distance related or other issues.

Control guide

In the game, controls are so crucial. In case the players do not have proper knowledge about the controls then they cannot play the game properly. We should try to learn the controls properly first. Main navigation or other controls are –

  • Moving
  • Aiming
  • Changing weapons

We can see icons for all these activities on the screen. The icons are also helpful in learning the controls properly.

Building guide

While playing the game, the players are able to create or destroy different types of buildings. Here, we need to be careful and make the decisions wisely. Mainly we can construct the following things –

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ramps

For all these buildings activities, we need some specific material and elements. On the battleground, the players can collect it by destroying different types of objects or structures. In order to get better constructing outputs, the players can consider the way of upgrading the building skills.

Tips to play

We need to follow the Creative Destruction cheats to find out the best way to play the game. In the game, there are different types of activities performed by the players. Following are some tips.

Headshot – the players should try to take headshots. The way of a headshot is helpful in dealing the maximum damage by which we can save ammo as well as time.  

Take cover – we should try to take cover properly in the buildings. It can help us in surviving for a long time period. In case we are running in the open grounds then anyone can make our target. Try to play smartly. 

Keep moving – we need to keep moving when anyone is going to targeting us and shooting regularly. It helps in avoiding the bullets and saving the health.

We should be alert every time and take all the steps carefully. One wrong decision may become a reason for lots of issues or get defeated in the battle.