Covet Fashion Hack

Covet Fashion – All you need to know

Covet Fashion is the world-class casual based game which is created by Crowdstar Inc. The game includes various types of clothes and lots of interesting challenges and events in it. There are various types of in-game currency in the game which is used in almost every single activity in it. Covet Fashion is available for both IOS and Android platforms at free of cost. Users can download the game from their suitable game stores which is either the Play store or Apple store.

The game provides high-quality and realistic graphics with more beautiful and impressive models. Users are free to create their own outfits to make their model impressive and unique from others. Covet Fashion includes more than over 175 real brands in it which the users need to choose according to their choice. The game also provides you with in-app purchases.

In-game currency in Covet Fashion

The game we are talking about consist a premium in-game currency which is in the form of diamonds. Diamonds are used to buy more new and classic outfits for your role models. It is also used for unlocking more new models in classic and modern mode. The game provides various types of offers which the users should accept and play in order to earn a huge amount of diamonds.

There are various ways to earn diamonds in Covet Fashion. The given below are some important ways to earn a good amount of diamonds –

  • Join the game with Facebook – It is the best and easy to earn diamonds in Covet Fashion. One should connect the game with their Facebook account. It provides them with a good amount of diamonds.
  • Complete more challenges and events – It refers to the events and challenges which are present in the game. Users have to accomplish more and more events and challenges to get more and more diamonds.
  • Sign-up or create a new account – It means that users get a good amount of currency by sign-up in the game or creating a new account in Covet Fashion. Not only diamonds it also provides you with many rewards.

So, one should follow all the above-discussed ways to get more diamonds and rewards. There is also another option to earn more currency in the game, and that is Covet Fashion cheats. With the help of cheats, one can easily earn diamonds and rewards and play the game easily.

More tips and tricks

Covet Fashion require more tips and tricks to run easily. So, in order to play it comfortably, one must apply important tips and tricks in it. The following are some important tips and tricks which the users should apply –

  • Earn daily freebies – It means that users need to claim daily rewards. The game provides 100 diamonds by login daily in the game. By login daily in the game, one can also get 20 tickets.
  • Try out new outfits – It means that users need to customize their model with new and classic outfits in order to make them more impressive and classic.
  • Pass more challenges – The gamers have to complete more and more challenges which are provided in the game. It helps them to earn a good amount of currency.

Final words

Covet Fashion is the game which totally depends on the in-game models. Users are free to make their model and edit it according to their choice. One should need enough amounts of diamonds to play the game easily. The easy and simple way to get more diamonds is by using Covet Fashion hack. By using the hacking option, one can get a good amount of diamonds, and all get all new and classic models to play with.