Covet Fashion Hack

Covet Fashion Hack

Covet Fashion Hack – Get ready to generate unlimited Diamonds

Covet Fashion is the game that is created by Crowdstar Inc, and its size is almost 80 MB. The game is considered under the category of casual games. The game is spreading all across the world rapidly. Covet Fashion also offers in-app purchases in it. The game is present for both IOS and Android platforms. The game aims to provide the best casual gaming experience to its users. The main work in the game is to dress up your selected model.


Users need to know and understand all things properly about Covet Fashion and then start playing it properly. It is the most popular and the best game for the shopping obsessed. Users are free to join with other fashionistas. In the game, the gamers are free to create their style outfits. The game also contains various types of essential elements also. One can also use Covet Fashion hack option to unlock or get all new and classic outfits for their model.

Key Features of Covet Fashion

The game we are talking about consists of various types of interesting and classic features. These features make the game more realistic and unique from others. It is crucial for the users to know all the features properly which are present in the game. The below are some important features about which all players must know –

  • The game contains various types of new and beautiful models.
  • It also provides its users with an in-app purchase option.
  • A wide variety of new and classic outfits available to make your model look more beautiful.
  • Lots of interesting and exciting events and challenges are present in the game.
  • Covet Fashion also includes various types of in-game currency in it.

The above-mentioned features play an essential role in the game. The more and more features present in the game the more it becomes attractive and impressive.

Essential tips, tricks, and strategies

As the game consist easy controls and little hard gameplay, so it is important for the users to apply some crucial tips and tricks in it. It helps gamers to play the game easily and comfortably than before. Following are some important tips, tricks, and strategies for the game about which all users must know –

  • Connect the game with Facebook – It means that users need to connect their Facebook account. By doing this, the users get a good amount of money in Covet Fashion. By connecting you will also allow to add your friends. With the help of friends, you can easily lend each other items.
  • Link an active fashion house –It means that users need to join an active fashion house only. In it, you have to group up with all others. After that, it will become easy for you to help each other. IN an active fashion house there are many competitions in which users take participate to win rewards.
  • Try to select modern models – It refers to the new and classy models which are present in the game. Covet Fashion consist of two types of modes that are Classic and Modern. The modern models are more attractive and impressive than classic mode. Models in modern mode have more classic looks and different facial features. One can also use the Covet Fashion cheats to unlock all modern mode models.
  • Gain more diamonds – The game includes a premium currency in it which in the form of diamonds. In the there are various types of events and challenges present, by completing them one can earn a good amount of in-game currency. Users are also provided with some offers in the game by using them one can get up to 1500 diamonds at a single time.

So what’s the final verdict?

In a nutshell, it is important for the players to follow and apply all the tips, tricks and strategies which are mentioned above. It helps the gamers to unlock more new models and earn more diamonds easily. One should also apply the Covet Fashion hack option to get more diamonds and models easily without putting many efforts into it.

Covet Fashion is the most trending game and also contains more than over 100 million downloads till now. In order to be the professional player in it, one must need to learn all the basic tactics of it properly.

Covet Fashion Hack

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  1. I love Covet fashion. It is one of my favorite games. However, I find that I am having a hard time winning challenges because I do not have enough currency to buy good items. That is why I love the hack from grimes games. All I need is a good wardrobe to start out with so I can start earning money and diamonds.

    1. Have fun Danielle!

  2. I love play covet fashion beacause i love fashion its a fun game with beautiful clothes and great challenges

    1. Awesome, have fun Lolalu!

  3. I like covet fashion very much and happy that found ttis tool to help me to progress jn the game faster. Also saves me lots of money. Thanks to all who did it 🙂

  4. This game very nice
    I like it very much
    I play it all the time
    Great job !!!!
    Thanks to people who created this game
    I love it very much
    All my friends play this amazing game
    I am very happy !!!
    Very interesting game
    I cant explain my feelings

  5. I love covet and have been playing for a long time but i find myself not progressing at the same rate as everyone else , hopefully this can balance the scales:).

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