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An Amazing Guide to Choices: Stories You Play

Pixelberry recently launched the game Choices. It is the best simulation game among all others which are created by Pixelberry. The game is free to play, and its size is almost 93 MB. Choices: Stories You Play is available for both platforms that are IOS and Android. The game aims to provide the best simulation gaming experience to the users.

The game is based on the various types of interesting and classic stories which are based on romance, love, horror, drama and more. Users need to select a story in the game and play according to their choice. After choosing a story, you need to customize your character and give it a more beautiful and classic look.

What about gameplay?

Choices: Stories You Play consists of a wide range of stories in it. After choosing anyone story, one must perform various activities like fall in love, solve any mystery or crimes and many others also. There are various chapters present in the game in which there are a huge number of stories available.

Users need to edit their character and make it more attractive and impressive. By creating the character more beautiful and unique, it becomes easy for you to complete the selected story properly and easily. The game contains easy to control and little hard gameplay. One should take help of Choices cheats in order to play the game properly and accurately.

Types of Stories in Choices: Stories You Play

As you know that the game includes different stories in it, so it is necessary to understand some types of stories. The given below are some common types of stories about which all users must know –


In it, the story starts from Hartfeld University. It is drama in college which is based on the story of finding new friends and falling in love. In it, the user has to find a true love a by doing flirting or romance with your classmates.

In it, the gamers need to date someone between the three main characters that are James, Kaitlyn, and Chris.

o    Create your character in a modern look.

o    Select a date for winter formal.



In this story, your crown is stolen by enemies. To get it back users need to create an army. In it, users need to play a role of the main hero and form alliances and relationship in order to build a powerful army. Not only creating army one must perform the activities which are given below –

o    The gamers need to dress in the good outfit and wear a powerful armor.

o    Defeat enemies to reclaim your kingdom

Two main tips you should know

If you want to run Choices: Stories You Play properly then you need to grab some important tips and tricks. The following are some important tips and tricks about which all users or gamers should know –

  • Way to earn diamonds – Diamonds are the premium currency in the game. These are earned by completing more stories and chapters in the game. It means that in order to earn more diamonds the users need to read all types of stories.
  • Sign-up or create a new account – It means that users have to sign-up or create a new account in the game to get a good amount of currency mainly the diamonds.

So, it is important for the players to apply all the tips which are mentioned above. Users can also take assistance from Choices hack to get unlimited currency and to unlock all stories in it.