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Milkchoco Cheats - Best Hack For Unlimited Diamonds

Milkchoco is a third person shooter games that has been introduced to the gaming platform recently and is now available on the mobile as well. The game features a wide number of modes where you can play after choosing your favorite character from the 18 classes that are available. Each class is slightly different from the other one.


The gameplay of the game is not very complex that can’t be understand at first but the challenge is thrive the complete battle in the arena.

The creator of the game is still working on the gameplay and had recently added another feature in the game that is the Battle royale mode. In the mode a total of 100 players will be plunged into the combat field and they will require knocking down the other 99 players that are there. Thrive until you remain last one alive in the whole arena.

To kill the opponent players there is no doubt that you are going to need the weapons which you can grab by spending in-game credits. However if throughout the game play, you are not able to collect sufficient amount of credits then make the use of Milkchoco cheats and get access to a liberal amount of credits in the game.


There are in total of 18 classes in the game that consists of a wide range of characters as mentioned above. The characters in these classes have different stats in various strengths and abilities.

In-game credits

Three main currencies are there in the game that is required to collect in the game by the players. These three credits are the gold, diamonds and the clan gold. Apart from that there are other limited currencies as well in the game that are there on occasions and are limited. Some of the limited currencies that had been introduced in the past are the Hearts for the Valentine’s Day, Golden pig for the golden pig event and the pumpkins for the Halloween events. Rest the three currencies that we talked about earlier are the primary currencies that play a very important role in the gameplay.

  • Gold: The gold is the prime currency in the game without which you will not be able to purchase most of the weapons form the shop. By this you have understood the importance of keep collecting the gold throughout the game.
  • Clan gold: The clan gold is not the currency that any player can have access to. The clan gold is for only those players who have their own clan.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are the premium currency of the game that is versatile as well. It is because the diamonds can be used to purchase almost anything in the game. These can be either be used to convert into gold and the clan gold. However, to acquiring diamonds is exclusive in the game and that is by spending the real money. If you don’t want to do any expense then you should go for the Milkchoco cheats and grab an exceptional number of diamonds in the game.


These are the bugs that provide the players an additional benefit in the game. These benefits can be anything from exclusive features to more abilities. all it depends on the players who uses it.


The game has an incredible and special element named Cosmetics in the game. The features allow you to customize your avatar and to make your character look good. These cosmetics can be purchased by spending diamonds on them and are little bit on the expensive side. However, some are limited as well. Therefore, if you want to experiment with different cosmetics then you definitely need an excellent amount of diamonds that can only be gained through the Milkchoco hack.

That was all about the game that the players need to know. Use our provided information along with your gameplay mechanism and then throw your cards in the game.