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Castle Clash Gems Hack - Working Cheats For All Devices

If you have been on the gaming platform for long, then you might have been played the strategy games for sure. Here also we are going to talk about one of the game: Castle Clash. It is a strategy based game where you are required to make the best loots by raiding buildings of the enemies and saving yours. The things that make it different from the other strategy games are its features and the gameplay. Here the game allows you to choose from the wide variety of heroes featured by it.

Apart from that, several funds play a significant role in the progress, which makes it necessary for the players to collect all of them. However, if you don't play the game daily, then you surely are not able to collect the right amount of funds in the game. But don’t worries there’s always an option of using the Castle Clash Cheats and obtaining a generous amount of currency so that whenever you sit to play the game, you will not need to worry about the funds.



The main goal lays with the gameplay itself where you are raiding the bases of other players and protecting yours from the monsters and the attack of other players. Meanwhile, keep collecting the rewards for additional benefits resulting in a much easier life for you in the game.

Let's have a glance at some of the essential elements that make its gameplay even more enticing.


In-game currency

There are several types of credits and resources in the game that are used for different purposes. Here in the game Castle Clash, there are seven combined credits and currencies that you need to collect.

First let's talk about the main in-game currencies: gold and gems.

  • Gold: gold is the first and the central currency in the game. It is used for many purposes from laying the traps to upgrade your buildings. It is mainly obtained through gold mines in the game that you construct and is stored in the gold vaults. You can also earn gold by looting the other dungeons and the buildings of the other players.
  • Gems: Gems are the premium currency here and are equally important to gather as much as is the gold. These are used to make several essential purposes in the game like speeding up the progress, to purchase new heroes and to roll out new skills in them. Also, the other use marking its importance in the game is that one can exchange it for getting other currencies in the game. In order to obtain the gems, there are freeways like login, daily rewards, and the usual moat way is by spending real money. However, if you don't want to have your hands in your pocket then opt for the Castle clash hack and grab them in a generous amount.
  • Other crucial resources in the game are: Manas, Honor Badges, Fire, Shards, and the last one are Might. These resources are essential in the game, such as mana is vital for healing the warriors that have been injured during the attacks, whereas the fire and sharks for your heroes. Therefore, always keep collecting in the game to improve your gameplay and make faster progress throughout.



Townhall is one of the most famous buildings in the entire game. It is basically for the storage of the gold that you collect. Among all the buildings, it is the most crucial to upgrade, and it takes hell much time to get updated. Therefore, you require upgrading it every second of the game so that the process gets completed fast. Here I would suggest using the gems to speed up the process of updating it and if you don't have enough gems then get it by making the use of Castle Clash cheats. After you have improved the town hall, then upgrade your gold vaults mines and other buildings.

These are some of the essential elements that you need to know necessarily. So, gather all your skills and apply them to the game.

Make your castle invincible and defeat your opponents by hiring a bloodthirsty army.


Resources Of Castle Clash Game


Shards are a rare resource, which is useful for buying Heroes at the Heroes Altar or for donating heroes to your guild for upgrades. You can acquire Shards by defeating dungeons, Quest Board, and successfully defeating Here Be Monsters. When you are buying a hero with Shards, you will get the opportunity to select the exact hero, instead of the game picking one randomly. When you buy a hero with Gems, Honor Badges, or Hero Cards, you will always get a random hero. Acquiring Shards is not easy and this is the reason it is a rare resource!

Honor Badges

It is one of the most important resources that can be used for hiring heroes and enhancing their Star level. Depending on the Arena rank, you can receive Honor Badges as a reward on an hourly basis. You can earn them in Arena, dungeons, raids, fight against bosses, etc. Honor Badges can even be purchased from the game shop once every day by spending Gems. If you fail in a raid against an opponent, then you can even lose Honor Badges.


You can earn the Red Crystals by winning battles in the Lost Realm. The number of Crystals that you will earn in each battle will highly depend on the difficulty levels and the number of opponent heroes. You can make use of Red Crystals for evolving heroes. Blue Crystals are used on Hero Inscriptions. You can obtain them from Crystal Mines, Battle Altars, etc. You can even earn them randomly as rewards by unlocking the treasure chests. Both the crystals are stored in the Lost Realm storage.


Flames are a resource that can be acquired by completing dungeons. The main purpose of this resource is to enhance the Heroes Star levels as soon as they reach a level-cap of every 20 levels. You can keep a track of the number of Flames that you have acquired by checking the top right corner of your screen after clicking the Dungeon icon. The maximum amount of Flames that you can get is 780.

Items That Are Used In Castle Clash Game

  • Crests: They are the most vital item, as Crests are used for inscribing heroes. You can earn them as rewards from various chests, monster battle, or can be gained from Battle Altar.
  • Consumables: They are used for upgrading, leveling, and evolving Heroes and Buildings. Some of them include Tomes, Essences, Cards, etc.
  • Gift Packs: They are items with mostly uncertain content. Some of the Gift Packs include Hero Cards, Mesa Chests, Lava Chests, Guild Chests, etc.

To conclude, Castle Clash game is an entertaining one that can keep you hooked to your screens for several months. The game has acquired 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, you should give a try to this engrossing base-building strategy game combined with our Castle Clash Hack!