BitLife Hack - Life Simulator Money and Bitizenship Cheats

If you love simulation game, then there is one game that can provide you a good experience. The simulation game I’m talking about is BitLife Life simulator developed by Candywriter, LLC.  These are the US-based developers that make such fun and casual games for the tablet and mobile users. Here the main game revolves all-around living more with some goals. With the game, you can explore how even small changes can change your whole success life in the game.

Now as the game is all about real-life things, then it is undeniable that you are going to require money as well. However, if you don't want to focus on that part of the game, then you can have your hands on a reasonable amount of cash by making the use of BitLife Life Simulator cheats.


You can do almost all the things in the game; you can marry the love of your life and have kids as well. So, you can live back those days when we used to play all these. It's entirely your life and is in your hands how you take it in the game. You can clear your college with good grades or start the prisons riots. Make your own decisions as you like.


The most important part of your life journey here in the game is based on cash. Therefore you continuously require figuring out the ways to earn good money. It also depends on various factors such as if you are born in low kindness having parents, then you might not get good money to spend. But don't worry; this is only till you are not 18. After you are 18, you can live your own life get into the colleges, jobs. Getting a good job will provide you financial freedom, but good jobs come with moral responsibilities as well. 

Moreover, if you would be taking student's loans, then you also require managing them. Anyways it's all upon you, how you choose your life to be, and how you handle it.   

However, the BitLife - Life Simulator cheats can help you in some ways here by providing you with a good amount of money.

Downfalls to your career

If you select playing the role of a girl, then you should always try to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It can be of a lot of trouble for you. A one-night stand can completely change your entire life. Instead, wait until you get married to someones and then have kids. Till then be safe.

Also, one thing that you should keep in mind is to choose the right spouse that has good money. Thereby you could inherit their money as well.

These are the few elements of the game that are enough to give you a hint about BitLife - Life Simulator. Rest; if at any case you find yourself getting stuck because of money, then don't forget that you always can utilize the BitLife - Life Simulator hack. Thereby, your story can run smoothly in the game.