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Bit Heroes Gems And Gold Guide - Hack Unlimited Gems

If you are facing difficulties in earning Gems and Gold in the game of Bit Heroes then you have reached the right place! With the help of our guide, you will be able to obtain the in-game currencies quickly so keep reading!

Ensure that you complete the Bounties each day. Bounties are like quests and every day you will get 2 new Bounties to complete. Overall, there are 10 active ones each day. By completing them, you can earn rewards that usually include loads of Gold.

There are numerous dungeons to beat and each time you play, you will come across a different dungeon. So, you will always get different rewards like in-game currencies and power-ups.

Unlock the various chests including the premium ones as they will provide various goodies.

Gold can be used for purchasing monsters; however, don’t end up buying every monster. Instead save Gold for future use.

Just for signing in, you will earn rewards. Most of the time, these rewards are in-game currencies. So, even if you are unable to play the game every day, signing in regularly is a great idea to keep the rewards coming in. Moreover, the reward value keeps increasing every day up to the tenth day.

When you build resource buildings in the slots with matching icons, you get extra bonuses.

Turn on the “video ads” in settings so that you can procure some free stuff.

Some other ways to obtain Gold are by opening chests in raids and dungeons, winning fights, exploring dungeons for Gold coins, Gold pots, and Gold bags, as well as winning PvP matches.

Gems can be earned by opening chests in dungeons, exploring dungeons for Gems, Gems bags and Gems pots, crafting using PvP Coins, daily login gifts, and PvP event rewards.


So, use our Bit Heroes Gems and Gold guide and start acquiring loads of Gems and Gold swiftly.