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Army Men Strike Hack - Best Way To Get Gold


Army Men Strike is a vast multiplayer battlefield for the players who love to fight the battles and will feel honored to command their army. 

The game has a fantastic theme based on the war, where you have an army of tiny little green soldiers when you are the commander just like the games we used to play in our childhood with those plastic army men. In the game, you will be having all the responsibility from training the troops to make them fight the battles strategically.

Along with the responsibility, you will need to maintain the currency throughout the game.  however if you are not the one who can do the task of resource management then it will be better for you to use the Army Men Strike cheats in the game. There are a number of android and the iOS users who have downloaded the game already and are enjoying the experience of being the leader of the troops.


Key elements

Here I have mentioned some of the key features of the game along with the tips to ace up the various segments of the game.  So, without wasting any time further, let’s jump on straight to the facets:

  • Silver War

It is a three day kill event, yes a kill event. Here, each day the players are given hundred thousand silver coins which they can’t utilize until the silver war end, which means the players get 3 lakh silver coins in the silver war. But the main war starts from the second day which is referred to as the kill event, here the players will look for the other team gatherings, if the respective players are offline, then they will kill them.

The rewards of the silver day are incredibly beneficial as these can speed up the overall progress of your game. These rewards can be used to train your army, for organizing gatherings, and even upgrading your buildings in the game. For that reason, it would be very foolish to lose the opportunity of winning the rewards.

However, if by chance you are not able to earn the silver rewards but you want to get those benefits then you can use the Army Men Strike hack to support you in this.

  • Gathering

Now that we have been talking about the gatherings a lot in the above paragraph, let’s grab a little bit knowledge about it.

  Gathering here means commanding a group of soldiers to some building to collect the resources due to which they can also be safe from the damages of the battles. To command the gatherers to collect resources at the Artillery factory is the best option. This way your soldiers will be accumulated in the factory for a longer period and also will help you to gather some amazing resources.

Other best alternative is to upgrade the hospitals as then the hospital will be able to hold a number of the wounded troops, and the rest left in your army will be killed. Therefore it is better to upgrade the hospital to save your troops from being shot in the attack by your enemies.

To upgrade the buildings, you will require the virtual currencies in a large amount.  If you want to conquer the battle then running out of the fund is not an option anyway, therefore if this situation comes, then it’s better to opt for the Army Men Strike cheats  and catch hold of unlimited currency. Thereby, you can back to the track.


  • Last thing I want to mention only is how you can collect the resources in the game. Then the answer to the question is through the treasure chests, daily check-in and through daily quests that you get every day.


These simple tips can turn your game to another side, for that reason you make their use and build your way to success in the game.